Soft Drink

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Soft Drink

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Market Issues: It covers dynamic issues related to policies, technologies, development, trade, hot issues, etc in the field of soft drink industry and its correlated industry.
Analysis & Forecast: It makes a systemic analysis on production, distribution, situations of major producing companies and prices in local markets. Also it analyses deeply on the development of soft drink market by regions and varieties in order to forecast the future industry.
Import and Export Trade: It contains a precise and timely export and import information including soft drink ingredients, juices and syrup by countries and enterprises. 
New Products: It covers a timely information on new products and technologies at home and abroad.
Monthly Insight on Key Enterprises: It provides a precise and timely development information on domestic key soft drink enterprises.
China soft drink monthly market report ( Issue 201104)
Table Of Content
BOABC Insight   2
Review 2
1.1 Industry and Policy     2
1.2 Review of Monthly Development of Key Companies 2
1.3 New Technology and New Products      3
Update of the Industry      3
2.1 Monitoring and Analysis of Soft Drinks Market    3
9.02 Million Tons Output of Soft Drinks in Mar., 2011, up 29.10% YoY 3
2.2 Monitoring and Analysis of Drinking Water in Bottles and Barrels   4
2.3 Monitoring and Analysis of Carbonated Drinks    5
2.4 Monitoring and Analysis of Fruit Juices/drinks     7
2.5 Monthly Monitoring of Other Soft Drinks      1
Coffee Import and Export in Feb., 2011       1
2.6 Monthly Analysis of Import and Export of Orange Juice and Apple Juice by Original Country       4
2.6.1 31.66% YoY More Import of FOJ to 6360 Tons in Mar.2011 4
2.6.2 1.45% YoY More Export of CAJ to 70564 Tons in Mar. 2011       5
2.7 Monitoring on Import and Export Volume of Orange Juice and Apple Juice by Company       6
2.7.1 Analysis of Orange Juice Importing Companies in Mar., 2011     6
2.7.2 Analysis of Apple Juice Exporting Companies in Mar., 2011 9
About BOABC    14
2.2 Monitoring and Analysis of Drinking Water in Bottles and Barrels
Price Trend of Drinking Water in Bottles and Barrels in 2011
The price was on a minor upward slope from 2010-2011. Except for Wahaha purified drinking water that saw price upsurge in March 2011, all other brands such as Master Kong mineral water, Nongfu Spring and Robust purified water all saw downward price trend.
Figure2 Market Price of Chinese Bottled Water, 2008-2011
Unit: Yuan/ Bottle
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