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Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultant Ltd (CnAgri), one subsidiary of Xinhua Finance, is the top professional consulting firm specialized in agribusiness consulting service to the food business chain. With solid support from divisions of Ministry of Agriculture such as High Quality Farm Product Development Center and CCPIT-SSA, CnAgri was founded in 1996 by a sophisticated team of outstanding agricultural experts, the very first in the line of agribusiness consulting.

With the authority recognition by the Ministry of Agriculture of the PRC (MOA), CnAgri is well connected with reliable sources of data and information from official institutions such as MOA Information Center, China State Statistics Bureau, the agricultural departments of local governments as well as non-government industrial associations and agricultural extension services. Besides, CnAgri has an extraordinary advisory board consisted of experts from various fields, such as national agricultural universities & research institutions, agricultural policy decision-making agencies & related industrial associations and business leaders of well-known agribusiness enterprises. The insights and viewpoints from the board members ensure the depth & breadth & accuracy of CnAgri’s reports.

What’s more, CnAgri’s close contacts with agricultural import & export companies, domestic producers of grains, livestock and agri-products suppliers guarantee its information and statistics not only timely but also practically useful to the business world. With the steps of economy glabalization, China is playing a more and more important role in the world’s agricultural production and transaction. The nation’s domestic demand and supply of farm products such as grains, oilseeds, meats and cotton have strong influences to the international markets.

Under such circumstance, different aspects of Chinese agriculture, such as its typical markets, trading conditions and policy environments need to be better understood by international operators that have or will soon have business interest with the industry. Serving as one bridge connecting China’s financial markets and worldwide markets, Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultant Ltd aims to assist you to tap into the Chinese markets and to benefit from potential business opportunities.