China Dairy Cow Production Has Steadily Increased2020-12-15

According to the statistics of China Dairy Herd Improvement (DHI), the production of the tested dairy cows has i View »

The Guide Price of Raw milk Purchase in Wuzhong, the Major Dairy City of Ningxia, Climbed Rapidly, Reaching 4.2 yuan/kg in Q42020-12-15

In recent years, the dairy farming industry in Wuzhong City of Ningxia has developed rapidly Three core dairy f View »

The China Raw Milk Price in November Exceeded 4 yuan/kg, Reaching the Highest Price over the Historical Records of the Same Period2020-12-15

According to the monitoring of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the price of raw milk in China ha View »

Q4 Reference Price for Raw Milk in Hebei Is 3.97 Yuan/kg, Slightly Lower Than Q32020-10-12

Hebei Province sets Q4 reference price for raw milk trading at 3 97 yuan kg, up by 3 1% year on year; minimum View »

For the First 8 Months, China’s Raw Milk Output Grew 9% YoY2020-10-12

China’s raw milk production has kept strong momentum thanks to a rebound of dairy cattle inventory, enhanced View »

China Maintains Solid Growth of Raw Milk Price in September2020-10-12

According to the monitoring by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, China maintains its solid upward tr View »

Dairy Production Stood at 2.51 million Tons in July, up 8.6% YoY2020-09-10

In July, dairy production of companies above a designated size (annual sales more than 20 million yuan) totaled View »

Major Trends of China’s Dairy Farming in the First Half of 20202020-09-10

(1) Drop of number of dairy farming householdsBy the end of June, dairy farming households related to licensed r View »

Growth of China’s Raw Milk Price Accelerated in August2020-09-10

According the monitoring by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, in August 2020, growth of China’s View »

Accelerating Growth in Raw Milk Output, up 7.9% YoY 2020-08-07

According to data from National Bureau of Statistics, China’s raw milk output totaled 32 01 million tons in View »