Analysis and Forecast on China Juice Industry (2016-2017)

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Brief Introduction:

Development of China’s Juice Industry 2016 still wasn’t optimistic and lacked momentum: Initially, the domestic demand continued to remain weak. Furthermore, sales of leading players dropped off significantly. Finally, there had been a recovery in exports, but price of AJC dropped steadily. From the life cycle of the industrial development, after an extremely short growth period, China’s Juice Industry quickly entered the mature stage and appeared the present dilemma of “getting old before get rich". Consumers’ consumption potentials are not stimulated effectively and a huge development space still remains in the market: Chinese people’s per capita consumption of Juice is far lower than the developed countries such as the European countries, America and Japan. Additionally, the low consumption level is inconsistent with consumers’ increased consumption capacity, consumers’ continually increased health consciousness and the tendency to pursue convenience. BOABC thinks that a thorough and deed analyses of the industry development environment, the supply and demand situation, the competition pattern, the development of the main enterprises would help enterprises find the crux of the industry dilemma and then lead China’s Juice Industry out of the valley and enter a healthy development expressway. The Report “Analysis and Forecast on China’s Juice Industry (2016-2017)” is based on BOABC’s accumulated research over the years, combining the research achievements of Nielsen, Euromonitor, Accenture, Mintel and China Beverage Industry Association and other authorities. A combination of qualitative research method and the quantitative research method is adopted to deeply analyse the development environment of China’s Juice Industry, the industry development situation, the supplies, demands, trading conditions, industry competition pattern and the development of main enterprises. We also make a prospective judgment on the key issues such as the industrial development prospects, the supply and demand tendencies and the competitive situation. BOABC has been dedicated in the research and consulting services in agriculture and food and beverage industry. We are willing to work with you hand in hand on the way to success.

Table of Contents:

Chapter One Analysis on China’s Juice Industry Development Environment
1.1 Analysis on the Economic Environment
1.1.1 Analysis on the International Economic Situation and Its Influence on China’s Juice Industry
1.1.2 Analysis on China’s Economic Situation and Its Influence on China’s Juice Industry
1.2 Social and Cultural Environment Analysis
1.2.1 Population Environment and Its Influence on China’s Juice Industry
1.2.2 Consumer Attitude and Behavior and Its Influence on China’s Juice Industry
1.2.3 Public Opinion Environment and Its Influence on China’s Juice Industry
1.3 Policy Environment Analysis
1.3.1 Analysis on Main Industry Policies and Its Influence
1.3.2 Industry Policy and Its Tendency
1.4 Technology Environment Analysis
Chapter Two General Analysis on China’s Beverage Industry
2.1 Industry Developmental Stage
2.2 Industry Scale and Structure
2.3 Industry Operation Capability
2.4 Industry Profitability
2.5 Industry Growth Ability
Chapter Three Analysis of Related Industries of China’s Juice Industry
3.1 Development of Beverage Packaging industry and Its Influence
3.2 Development of Fruit Industry and Its Influence
3.3 Development of Sugar Industry and Its Influence
3.4 Development of Retail Industry and Its Influence
Chapter Four Juice Industry Supply Analysis
4.1 Juice Production Analysis of China
4.1.1 The Overall Production Situation
4.1.2 Production Situation by Region
4.1.3 Production Situation by Category
4.2 Main New Products in 2016
4.3 Supply Trend Prediction
4.3.1 Supply Trend of Condensed Juice
4.3.2 Supply Trend of RTD Juice
Chapter Five Juice Industry Demand Analysis
5.1 Condensed Juice Demand Analysis
5.1.1 The Overseas Market Demand Analysis
5.1.2 The Domestic Demand Analysis
5.2 RTD Juice Demand Analysis
5.2.1 Analysis and Prediction of the Total Demand Situation
5.2.2 Analysis and Prediction on the Consumption Structure of RTD Juice
5.2.3 Judgement in Consumption Tendency
Chapter Six Competition Analysis of China’s Juice Industry
6.1 The Overall Competition Situation
6.2 Competition Analysis of RTD Juice (100%)
6.3 Competition Analysis of RTD Juice (26%-99%)
6.4 Competition Analysis of RTD Juice (25%)
Chapter Seven Trade Analysis of Juice
7.1 General Analysis
7.2 Import Analysis
7.2.1 Analysis on Import Volume and Amount
7.2.2 Structure of Imported Varieties
7.2.3 Analysis on the Import Sources
7.2.4 The Import Situation of Frozen Orange Juice, a Main Imported Product14
7.3 Export Analysis
7.3.1 Analysis on Export Volume and Amount
7.3.2 Structure Changes of Exported Varieties
7.3.3 Analysis on Export Destinations
7.3.4 Analysis on the Export Circumstances of Condensed Apple Juice
7.4 Trade Situation Forecast
Chapter Eight Analysis of Leading Players in China’s Juice Industry
8.1 Shaanxi Haisheng Fresh Fruit Juice CO., LTD.
8.1.1 Basic Information
8.1.2 Company Capability Evaluation
8.1.3 Great Actions in 2016
8.1.4 Main Development Strategies in 2017
8.2 SDIC Zhonglu Fruit Juice CO., LTD.
8.3 Yantai North Andre Juice CO., LTD.
8.4 Shaanxi Heng Tong Fruit Juice Group
8.5 China Huiyuan Juice Group Limited
8.6 Tianyi (Summi) Holdings Limited
8.9 Coca Cola
Chapter Nine Summary of the Report
Figures (Tables):
Total Assets Growth of China’s Beverage Industry
Sales Revenue of China’s Beverage Industry
Sales Revenue Growth of China’s Beverage Industry
Profit Growth of China’s Beverage Industry
Sales Revenue of subindustries
Sales Revenue Structure of China’s Beverage Industry
Gross Profit Margin and Profit Margin before Tax of Beverage Industry
Main Indicators in Operation Capability of China’s Beverage Industry
Main Indicators in Profitability of China’s Beverage Industry
Beverage Production
China’s Juice Production by Region
China’s Orchard Area
Orchard Area Structure, by Variety
Orchard Area Structure, by Region
China’s Fruit Production
Main Fruits Production
Fruit Production Structure, by Variety
Fruit Production Structure, by Region
Apple Producing Areas Map
Citrus Producing Areas Map
Pear Producing Areas Map
Orange Producing Areas Map
China’s Juice Production
China’s Juice Production by Month
Main Producing Areas of Juice
China’s Juice Production Struture by Region
Juice Production Structure by Category
Juice Import Volume and Amount
Structure of Imported Varieties,
Structure Changes of Imported Varieties, by Import Volume
Structure Changes of Import Sources, by Import Volume
Trade Figures of Juice
Import Volume and Amount of Orange juice
Import Price of Orange Juice
Juice Export Volume and Amount
Structure Changes of Exported Varieties, by Volume
Structure Changes of Export Destinations, by Volume
Export Volume and Amount of AJC
Export Price of AJC
Consumption Volume of RTD Juice,
Consumption Volume of RTD Juice, by varieties,
Consumption Volume Structure Changes of RTD Juice
Sales Share of RTD juice (100%)
Sales Share of RTD juice (26%-99%)
Sales Share of RTD juice (≤25%)
Sales Revenue of LEADING PLAYERS
Income Structure Changes of LEADING PLAYERS
Net profit, Sales Revenue &Total assets of LEADING PLAYERS
Gross Profit Margin & Net Profit Margin of LEADING PLAYERS
Main Indicators in Operation Capability of LEADING PLAYERS
Main Indicators in Debt Paying Ability of LEADING PLAYERS
Main Indicators in Profitability of LEADING PLAYERS
Main Indicators in Growth Ability of LEADING PLAYERS
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