Study Report on the Development of China's Ternary Compound Fertilizer Industry2009-10-21

This report analyses China’s ternary compound fertilizer industrial chain, trade rules, governmental policies, production, import and export, circulation, price fluctuations, end-users’ features, agrochemical services, etc, and also analyses the market demand for different kinds of fertilizer for different crop varieties in various regions of China Last, gives a complete review of the development of China’s ternary compound fertilizer industry and predicts future situations View »

Competitiveness Analysis and Assessment for China Key Compound Fertilizer Enterprises2015-03-19

In this report, BOABC performed in-depth analysis and assessment on the competiveness of key enterprises (groups) based on the comparative analysis of characteristics of compound fertilizer consumption, distribution of China compound fertilizer enterprises, the competition pattern and the production and the operation of the key enterprises (groups) etc View »

Analysis and Forecast on China Vegoils & Oilseeds Industry (2016-2017)2017-03-18

Based on detailed and accurate data, this report will analyze the changes of industry in 2016 and make the predications in 2017, from the angles of production, processing, consumption, trade, etc View »

Analysis and Forecast on China Fertilizer Industry (2016-2017)2017-03-22

This report will provide objective viewpoints and accurate data to market players for reference This report will perform deep analysis on production, consumption, trade, market price and production margin of N-Fertilizer, P-Fertilizer, K-fertilizer and NPK sectors in 2016, as well as operational situation of main listed companies; it also will predict developmental trends in 2017 View »

Analysis and Forecast on China Feed Industry (2015-2016)2016-04-13

In 2015, due to a downturn of livestock and poultry farming sectors such as a drop in hog stocks and a continuous loss for poultry farming, feed output dropped slightly Economic structural transformation will continue in 2016 and feed producers and livestock poultry farming companies also will have good developmental opportunities and challenges This report will represent: main feed materials’ production, consumption and trade; changes in market price in main feed materials; operational situation of feed sector and competitiveness trends about feed sector; operating performance and investment situation of key feed companies; forecast on developmental trends of feed sector in 2016 View »

Analysis and Forecast on China Livestock Industry (2015-2016)2016-03-25

Under the influence of continuous economic slowdown and insufficient domestic demand, domestic resident’s consumption demand for middle and high grade mutton and beef declines further, but the influence on low price animal protein such as pork, poultry products, etc is less In the following years, the animal protein food demand will grow up steadily; China’s animal husbandry will be in a critical period of transformation and upgrading, the integration of upstream and downstream of the industry chain will be accelerated; agricultural internet will develop to producer service mode from traditional consumer e-commerce mode, and the service industry of producers will become a new investment hot spot View »

Research Report on Water Soluble Fertilizer Market in China2013-06-19

WSF consumption only accounts for 1-2% of chemical fertilizer consumption in China With the promotion of integration of water and fertilizer, WSF has been developing fast in China The popular foreign brands in China include Poly-Feed, NovaNPK, SQM, Ultrasol, ENTEC, Nitrophoska, Phosyn, Plant-Prod, etc The domestic WSF producers can be divided into professional WSF companies (such as Shanghai Fondin Bio-Tech Co , Ltd , Shanghai Wintong Chemicals Co , Ltd and Hebei Monband Water Soluble Fertilizer Co , Ltd ), pesticide producers (such as Jiangsu Rotam Chemistry Co , Ltd and Sichuan Guoguang Agrochemical Co , Ltd ) and large fertilizer producers (such as Sinofert Holding Limited, Shenzhen Batian Ecotypic Engineering Co , Ltd and Shindoo Chemi-Industry Co , Ltd ) View »

Research Report on Slow and Controlled Release Fertilizers Application and Industry Development in China2013-06-13

SRFs CRFs only accounts for about 1% of the national fertilizer market share They are mainly used in field crops farming In addition, with the speeding up of rural land circulation, expansion of farming scale and improving of agricultural industrialization degree, the demand for high-quality SRFs CRFs will emerge rapid increase and huge market potential View »
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