2017/18 Corn Ending Stocks Would be 223 Million MT, and Stock/Use Ratio Would be 98.4%2017-08-09

2017 18 corn supply would be 446 million MT, 54 million MT higher than the last forecast and 7 34 million MT h …More »

Owing to Bettering Weather in the Northeast, BOABC’s Analysts Predicted 2017 Corn Output Would Reach 208 Million MT2017-08-09

The overall water-heat condition in the main producing areas in July was suitable Abundant rainfall in most nort …More »

Yellow fat meat caused by aged corn leads to a loss of more than hundred million yuan2017-08-09

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Yantai Dadi Animal Husbandry features small scale and strong regional characteristics2017-08-09

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It’s predicted that China’s imports of pork will decrease and domestic hog price will rise2017-08-09

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Turnover Rate of Corn with Lump-Sum Sales (Stored by COFCO) on August 3rd, and Targeted Sales and Lump-Sum Sales on Augu2017-08-09
Wens Planned to Invest RMB 50 Million RMB in Building a Slaughterhouse with Annual Slaughter of 50 Million Birds 2017-08-09
Beijing Shunxin Agriculture Invested RMB 100,000 in Building a 0.4-Million-Head Hog Project in Huade, Ulanqab, Inner Mon2017-08-09
Shanghai Challenge Textile Company Limited purchases 5.45% shares of Beijing DQY 2017-08-09
Wens Guangdong-Guangxi modern agricultural and animal husbandry breeding project starts to work2017-08-09
Ground Group plans to invest 18 million yuan in hog breeding base expansion2017-08-09
TRS Group invests 300 million yuan in feed and breeding projects2017-08-09