Chinese pet industry has greater market potential, but lacks leading enterprises. 2017-10-17

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Layer raising will suffer losses after making profits in August and September2017-10-17

Monitoring results from various organizations show that egg prices have declined after the National Day and the M …More »

It’s predicted that broiler raising in China will suffer loss in Q4 as a whole2017-10-17

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Direct Selling Would Become an Important Marketing Channel for New-Type Fertilizer Companies 2017-10-17

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Long-term and stable monopolistic raw material source is an important means for organic fertilizer production enterprise2017-10-17

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Wens’ profits declined in first three quarters of 20172017-10-17
Shandong Zhu Cheng Wai Mao imported 34944 GP breeding birds from New Zealand2017-10-17
CP Group invests 1.428 billion yuan in building 500,000 hogs project2017-10-17
Hailir Would Invest 16 Million RMB in Building a New-Type Fertilizer Subsidiary 2017-10-17
Hebei Published Livestock/Poultry Waste Utilization Programme 2017-10-17
Urea Port Stocks up to 0.6412 Million MT from last week2017-10-17
Hebei Published Livestock/Poultry Waste Utilization Programme 2017-10-12