Urea Futures on the Market Would be Good for Stable Development of Urea Industry2018-09-19

Zhengzhou Community Exchange officially released announcement of collecting urea transaction warehouses According to …More »

An Increase in International Urea Prices Would Push up Domestic Prices2018-09-19

On September 11th, the bidding results of 0 1 million MT of large granular urea and 0 1 million MT of small gr …More »

DDGS Prices Recorded RMB 2,139/MT, a Week-on-Week Increase of 0.7%2018-09-19

Driven up by an increase in soybean meal prices, DDGS quotations ascended Homemade DDGS prices averaged to RMB 2,139 MT, up 0 7% or RMB 20 MT from last week …More »

Corn Starch Prices Averaged at RMB 2,571/MT, Stable2018-09-19

Corn starch quotations averaged at RMB2,571 MT, stable from last week Of which, corn starch prices in the northeas …More »

Owing to an Abundant Supply, the Influence of Trade War on Soybean Meal Market is Gradually Weakening2018-09-19

A few days ago, American Government proposed to conduct a new round of trade negotiations with China BOABC thin …More »
China First Agricultural Knowledge Service System was Officially Released2018-09-19
Zhengzhou Community Exchange Held Training Session for Urea Futures Analysts2018-09-19
Haid’s Pig Feed Sales in the First Half of 2018 Increased by 68.56% Year on Year2018-09-19
Indian Soybean Meal and Rapeseed Meal Have Been Allowed to Enter Chinese Market2018-09-19
Trading Volume and Trading Price of Corn Auctioned Both Fell This Week2018-09-19
Sun Daily Farm realized net profit of 12.06 million yuan in the first half of 2018, a year-on-year growth of 274.74%2018-09-13
Shanxi Kangfu Farming Company invested 100 million yuan in building a 500,000-layer project2018-09-13