COFCO Planned to Acquire Russian Southern Port with 2.6 Billion RMB, Which Would be a Win-Win for China and Russia 2018-07-18

Recently, COFCO planned to invest 2 6 billion RMB in acquiring one of three southern ports in Russia, which woul …More »

Corn Starch Prices Averaged at RMB 2,496/MT, Stable2018-07-18

Corn starch quotations didn’t change greatly and averaged at RMB2,496 MT, stable from last week Of which, cor …More »

Corn Prices Averaged RMB 1,837/MT, a Week-on-Week Decrease of 0.1%2018-07-18

Corn prices in the producing and consumption areas didn’t change greatly The average price of corn was RMB …More »

Despite the closure of live poultry market on a large scale, the consumption of yellow broilers in China is still dominated by live chickens.2018-07-18

The government advocates large-scale farming, centralized slaughtering, cold chain distribution, and marketing of chi …More »

In the first half of the year, pig prices fell sharply, and most farms suffered losses in hog business2018-07-18

In the first half of 2018, hog market kept sluggish continuously Hog prices began to decline sharply in March, …More »
Trading Rate of Corn Auction Improved Slightly, and Average Trading Prices Declined Slightly 2018-07-18
The Second-Phase Project of Muyuan’s Hog Farming Base in Aohanqi, Inner Mongolia Started Construction 2018-07-18
The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas lifted the ban on avian influenza in Germany2018-07-18
China has signed chicken trade agreement with Poland2018-07-18
Muyuan has started the construction of phase two project of hog farming base in Aohan Banner 2018-07-18
China Reduces Customs Tariff on Some Countries in Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement, Tariff on Soybean Import to Zero, no Change to Sugar Import2018-07-11
Guitang Share to Set up Sub Company with 1 Billion Yuan2018-07-11