Compared to 2017, The Subsidies to Corn Processing Companies in Jilin and Heilongjiang Weakened 2018-03-22

Recently, Jilin and Heilongjiang released subsidy policies for corn further processing companies Compared to 2017, …More »

Extending to the Upstream and Downstream of Fertilizer Industry and Acquiring Horizontally Become the Main Directions fo2018-03-16

On the one hand, fertilizer industry is facing the pressure from external environment such as overcapacity, plan …More »

Owing to an Oversupply, Urea Prices Dropped this Week2018-03-16

Judging from BOABC’s monitoring data of main ex-factory prices of urea in key provinces, urea ex-factory pri …More »

News Briefs2018-03-16

l The State Council’s institutional reform proposes to establish the Rural Department of Agriculture and canc …More »

Weather Forecast(March 15-21, 2018)2018-03-16

In the next week ,the average daily precipitation will be 2 0-6 0 mm in Jianghuai, regions south of the Yangtze …More »
CP’s Feed Sales in China Reached 6.91 Million MT, up 14% Year on Year 2018-03-22
Along with Companies’ Less Willingness to Participate in Bidding, the Transaction Rate of Corn Auction was 38.5%2018-03-22
Along with the Continuing of Supervisions from Environmental Protection Departments, Some Chemical Products Would be Inf2018-03-16
Sierte Announced it Planned to Acquire Some Stocks of Anhui Qiangying Duck with 1.2-1.5 Billion RMB2018-03-16
China Has Terminated the Dumping Duty and Countervailing Duty on Imported White Broiler Products Originating from the Un2018-03-16
Feeding link of white broiler industrial chain suffered a loss of 3 billion yuan in 20172018-03-16
Low Temperature Continues to Damage Bananas, Transportation Volume Reduced, Prices Are Unlikely to Rise2018-03-09