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Trans-provincial transportation volume of pigs sharply dropped by 98% in China, basically stopped.

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2018-12-07 11:08:27China Agriculture Report Print Trans-provincial transport of pigs has been prohibited in 29 provinces in China, and inter-provincial transport of live pigs basically has stopped in the whole country.
According to statistics on national trans-provincial transport of live livestock and poultry from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, trans-provincial transportation volume of pigs in the forty-fourth week of 2018 (November 19th - November 25th) decreased by 0.32% from the previous week to 41,358 heads, which fell by 98% from the 2.0 million heads in the same period last year. The transportation volume was the lowest in the same period in recent several years.
Loudi city in Hunan province issued interim procedures for reporting violation of pig transport to prevent the spread of African swine fever. In the future, administrative supervision and management will become stricter, and trans-provincial transportation of live pigs will hover at a low level for a longer term.
Traditional transport model of live pigs will be replaced by cold-chain transportation of carcass, and the transportation volume of pork products will sharply increase.

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