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Heilongjiang Xinhecheng Biological Technology Planned to Build a Corn Further Processing Project with Annual Processing

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2018-02-08 14:47:54China Agriculture Report Print Recently, Heilongjiang Xinhecheng Biological Technology planned to build a corn further processing project with annual processing at half million MT/year. Of which, the first-phase project with 0.25 million MT mainly includes crystalline dextrose, malt syrup, carotene, hexonic acid, sorbitol, riboflavin and cobalamine production lines, which were planned to put into operation in October 2019. The second-phase project would put into operation in October 2020. This project also includes the products: protein powder with annual production at 23,400 MT, germ with annual production at 36,600 MT, and feed byproducts with annual production at 84,000 MT such as corn steep liquor, guniting corn bran, corn brokens and maltose and protein dreg.
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