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Cheese Supply and Demand, Competition Pattern and Forecast

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Cheese Supply and Demand, Competition Pattern and Forecast

Brief Introduction:

Cheese is the most nutritious dairy product with health-care effect Cheese is popular among numerous countries thanks to its good taste and diversified flavors Cheese plays an important role in people’s diet in both dairy developed countries and some developing countries To a certain extent the per capita cheese consumption amount can measure the quality and level of the diet of a country The per capita cheese consumption is about 20kg in Europe, America or Oceania Cheese is not only nutritious but also is a symbol of western culture History indicates that in East Asian countries where there is no traditional dairy consumption, western cuisine culture can promote consumption of western food including cheese In view of the experience of both Japan and Korea, economic development an

Table of Contents:

1.2.1 Cheese Production and Layout in the World
1.2.2 Difference among Countries in Cheese Consumption
1.2.3 Cheese Trade in the World and Market Share of Key Countries
1.2.4 Main Cheese Varieties and Price Trend in the World
1.3 Overview of China’s Cheese Industry
1.3.1Development of Cheese Industry
1.3.2Life Cycle of Cheese Industry
2 Dairy Supply and Demand in China
2.1 Raw Milk Production
2.1.1 Dairy Cattle Inventory and Regional Layout
2.1.2 Milk Production and Provincial Layout
2.1.3 Raw Milk Price Trend
2.2 Dairy Processing
2.2.1 Composition of Liquid Milk and Production Trend
2.2.2 Varieties of Dry Milk Products and Production Trend
2.3 Dairy Trade
2.3.1 Dairy Import and Changing Trend
2.3.2 Dairy Export and Changing Trend
2.3.3 Relevant Policies on Dairy Trade
2.4 Dairy Consumption
2.4.1 Dairy Consumption Structure of Urban Residents and Changing Trend
2.4.2 Dairy Consumption by Rural Residents and Potential
2.4.3 Forecast on Dairy Consumption by Chinese Residents
2.5 Policy Environment for Dairy Industry
3 Cheese Supply and Demand in China
3.1 Cheese Demand and Supply
3.2 Policy Environment for Cheese Industry
3.3 Cheese Prodcution
3.4 Cheese Import and Export
3.4.1 Sources of Cheese Supply to China and Changes of Import Volume
3.4.2 Varieties of Cheese Import
3.4.3 Key Cheese Importing Companies (Top 30)
3.4.4 Cheese Export
3.6 Market Capacity of Cheese
3.6.1 Market Size of Cheese
3.6.2 Market Size of Main Cheese Varieties
3.7 Cheese Consumption
3.7.1 Regional Layout of Consumption
3.7.2 Ways of Consumption and Methods of Consumption
3.7.3 Per Capita Consumption Quantity
4 Circulation channels and Key cheese brands in china
4.1 Main Circulation Channels and Cheese Varieties
4.1.1 Main Circulation Channels
4.1.2 Cheese Varieties Circulated in Different Channels
4.2 Key Cheese Varieties and Brands
4.2.1 Key Varieties and Market Size
4.2.2 Market Size and Market Share of Key Brands Mozzarella Cream Cheese Cheddar Children’s Cheese
4.3 Marketing of Foreign Brands in China
5 Cheese Production and circulation companies in China
5.1.1 Compny Profile
5.1.2 Revenue
5.1.3 Products and Production
5.1.4 Source of Raw Material for Re-packing
5.1.5 Sales Channels and Marketing Network
5.1.6 Cheese Price (retailing)
6 Outlook on China’s cheese market
6.1 Supply
6.2 Market Demand and Potential
6.3 Industrial Competition
7 Suggestions from BOABC on operational strategy and countermeasures for those that wish to enter into CHina’s cheese market
7.1 Barriers and Opportunities of China’s Cheese Market
7.1.1 Barriers
7.1.2 Opportunities
7.2 Suggestions on Operational Strategy and Countermeasures for Entering into China’s Cheese Market
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