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The world's largest Perfume manufacturer set up the factory in Guangzhou

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2013-04-12 11:37:13China Agriculture Report Print     The America International Perfume Company is the biggest flavoring manufacturer and producer in the world, it has branch in 34 countries and regions in the world. On March 6, the edible flavor production base which established by the company was officially completed, the total investment of this new factory is amounted to $50 million, it will provide edible flavors and fragrances for food, beverage, dairy companies of Chinese market.
American international perfume company pays much attention to the emerging market investment and capacity expansion in recent years. In 2010 the company invested  $100 million in Asia region. The factory established in Guangzhou is the largest and one of the most advanced production base of the edible flavor.

From "China Food Additives Market Monthly Report"
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