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Alfalfa Import in 2012

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    According to data from the customs office, China imported 457,005 tons alfalfa during 2012, up 58.42% year on year; the monthly average import price was 396.45 US dollars/ton, up 15.90% year on year; of which import in December was 34,677 tons at the price of 378.42 US dollars/ton, down 6.24% year on year; the origin was mainly the US. There has been rapid growth of scaled dairy farms and there has been insufficient quality fodder supply, which directly spurred the fast growth of alfalfa import during the period.

    In 2012 the national farm reclamation system had 1.5843 million dairy cattle, up 3.1% year on year; milk production 4.2983 million tons, up 5.9% year on year.

    In 2012 around 35% of dairy cattle were reared on farms of over 100 inventory, there was subsidy on elite-breed dairy cattle 896 heads and there was DHI on 477,000 dairy cattle.

From “China Dairy Market Monthly Report
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