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More Companies explore Liquid Infant Formula Market in China2017-12-13
Cheese Retail Enjoys Big Potential in China2017-12-13
Growth of Dairy Market Depends on Product Innovation and Extension of Channels2017-12-13
The prices of white broiler chicks increased rapidly, hatching enterprises got rid of continuous losses2017-12-12
Antibiotics alternatives have greater market potential, but star products are in shortage in domestic2017-12-12
Supply-demand Balance of Sugar Market2017-12-06
Guangxi Postpones Crushing Start, Sugar Price Supported2017-12-06
Weather Forecast (November 30-December 6, 2017)2017-12-01
Analysis of China’s imports of main grain varieties in October, 20172017-12-01
GMO Certificate Management & Environmental Pressure Make Weak Soybean Meal Market Price Rebound2017-11-29
Soybean Arrivals Might Slow Down Due to Reinforcement on GMO Certificate Management2017-11-29
Regional Concentration of Crops Provides Vaster Market Potentials for Agricultural Materials Companies2017-11-24
There is Big Difficulty in Releasing Subsidy Policy for Corn Further Processing2017-11-24
High-Quality Corn Prices Won’t Fall Seasonally in the Near Future2017-11-23
Farmland Rotation and Fallow Areas Would be 12 Million Mu, and the Demand for Fertilizer Would Decrease by More 1.2 Mill2017-11-23
Beef consumption demand is high in China, but the gap between supply and demand is greater2017-11-13
Why Doesn’t Feed Companies’ Investment Binge in Farming Cool Down? 2017-11-13
The Incomes of Listed Feed Companies in the First Three Quarters of 2017 Further Ascended, but Most of Them Saw a Drop i2017-11-13
In the First Three Quarters of 2017, Urea and P-fertilizer Companies Saw an Increase in Profits, but Potash and NPK Com2017-11-13
The Plan of Zero Growth in Use of Fertilizer Led to an Obvious Drop in Use of Fertilizer in 2017 2017-11-13
Overall Vegetable Oil Supply Grows Sharply, Price Lacks in Strength in the Fourth Quarter2017-11-02
China’s Soybean Import Volume Reached 93.5 Million Tons in 2016/17, the Import Growth Might Slow Down in the Future2017-11-02
Along with An Increase in Prices of All Raw Materials, What Trend Would NPK Prices Show? 2017-11-02
Organic Fertilizer Substitution for Fertilizer Leads to An Increase in Planting Costs of Fruits, Vegetables and Tea Plan2017-11-02
Heilongjiang Would Become the Region Where Corn Further Processing Capacity Increases Quickest 2017-11-02
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