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China’s Infant Formula Market2018-12-07
Decline of Dairy Cattle Inventory for Consecutive Five Years, Experts Advocate More Reasonable Price for Dairy Farmers2018-12-07
Tight Raw Milk Supply and Upsurge of Feed Cost lead to Continual Rise of Milk Price2018-12-07
Benefiting from the launch of swine OA bivalent vaccine, Jinyu Bio-technology achieved high growth in performance in Q32018-12-07
Profits of transporting carcass meat across provinces are up to 600yuan/head, and will be more considerable in the future.2018-12-07
Trans-provincial transportation volume of pigs sharply dropped by 98% in China, basically stopped.2018-12-07
Compound Feed Prices Rose Slightly, Costs Mixed, and Gross Profits Changed Little2018-12-06
Soybean Meal, Rapeseed Meal and Cottonseed Meal Quotations Kept Weak2018-12-06
December Domestic Corn Prices Would Face Relatively Great Downward Pressure 2018-12-06
Lihua LLC focusing on feeding yellow broilers passed the listing application 2018-11-29
Beef prices hit a record high of recent years, and are predicted to rise to a all-time new high before the Spring Festival2018-11-29
Beef prices hit a record high of recent years, and are predicted to rise to a all-time new high before the Spring Festival2018-11-29
Fertilizer Companies are Improving Their Market Competitiveness By Extending to Agricultural Service2018-11-29
Potash Prices Kept Increasing to the Highest Level in Recent Years, Influencing the Purchasing Demand from Downstream Companies 2018-11-29
Prices of main grain by varieties2018-11-22
Weather Forecast(November 15-21, 2018)2018-11-22
November Rapeseed Meal Prices Would Decline2018-11-22
Due to an Increase in Costs but a Decline in Product Prices, Corn Alcohol Producers Have Fallen into Loss2018-11-22
Inventory of parental breeders decreased, feeding profits of commercial broilers rose sharply, and prices of broiler chicks increased largely2018-11-09
Muyuan saw great decrease in performance due to Africa swine fever, but Wens continuously realized stable growth. 2018-11-09
According to BOABC’s Monitoring Results, 2018 MAP Output Decreased and DAP Output Increased2018-11-09
Due to the Influence of Environment Examinations on Urea Producers Using natural Gas as a Raw Material and Coal as a Raw Material, Urea Output in the Fourth Quarter Would Go Down Greatly2018-11-09
Along with a Fall in Demand for Exporting and Domestic Use, the Output of Many Fertilizer Products Declined Year on Year2018-11-09
China, the Must Battle Ground of Key Producing Countries2018-11-09
Brazil Sues China to WTO for the Sugar Import Control Measures2018-11-09