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Along with an Increase in Material Prices and a Wait-and-See Attitude from the Downstream, NPK Winter Reserves Have an Uncertain Outlook 2018-10-17
Along with a Fall in Demand for Exporting and Domestic Use, the Output of Many Fertilizer Products Declined Year on Year2018-10-17
Why Did Fertilizer Prices Witness Varying Levels of Growths?2018-10-17
Methionine Prices Possibly Would Ascend Periodically in the Future2018-10-17
The Markets Have Strong Long-Term Confidence on Prices after New-Season Corn Availability on the Market, but There Would be a Periodic Low in a Short Time 2018-10-17
Serious Apple Reduction of Output Stimulated Continuous Price Increas, but the Rising Space to Be Gradually Compressed2018-10-10 to Use Global Resources to Create High-quality Fruit Industry Chain Channels2018-10-10
Bad Sino-US Fruit Prospects due to Tariffs Formally Imposed on Both Sides2018-10-10
1.49% Decrease of White Granulated Sugar from August , and 0.38% Decrease of Superfine Sugar from August2018-10-10
Most Powerful Typhoon Mangkhut Landed and Affected Cane Growing2018-10-10
In the first half of 2018, egg prices rose sharply year-on-year, and corporate profits turned better.2018-09-27
African swine fever promotes transformation and upgrading of feed industry in China2018-09-27
African swine fever brings about greater risks to feed industry, and some enterprises or will close down2018-09-27
A total of 20 ASF cases occurred in China., killing about 90,000 live pigs2018-09-27
Urea Futures on the Market Would be Good for Stable Development of Urea Industry2018-09-19
An Increase in International Urea Prices Would Push up Domestic Prices2018-09-19
DDGS Prices Recorded RMB 2,139/MT, a Week-on-Week Increase of 0.7%2018-09-19
Corn Starch Prices Averaged at RMB 2,571/MT, Stable2018-09-19
Owing to an Abundant Supply, the Influence of Trade War on Soybean Meal Market is Gradually Weakening2018-09-19
Along with the Coming of New-Season Corn Availability on the Market, Why Did Temporarily-Stored Corn Auction Volume and Trading Volume Keep Increasing?2018-09-19
In August egg production increased by 1.31% month on month2018-09-13
Monthly inventory of layer increased 0.23% in August2018-09-13
Due to the increase in the supply of eggs, egg prices will decline from the high level2018-09-13
August Corn Further Processing Companies Continued to Maintain High Profits2018-09-12
After New Corn Availability on the Market, the Prices Still Would Keep Ascending2018-09-12
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