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Decline of Dairy Cattle Inventory for Consecutive Five Years, Experts Advocate More Reasonable Price for Dairy Farmers

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2018-12-07 14:32:11China Agriculture Report Print
Li Shengli, Chief Scientist of the National Dairy Cattle Industrial Technology System informed dairy cattle inventory in China has been dwindling for five years in a row. The quantity was 8.57 million in 2014, it dropped to 7.73 million in 2017 and it should be less than 7 million in 2018.
Li Shengli stated dairy companies should be more forward looking and pay more reasonable price to dairy farmers, so as to reduce the withdrawal of farms and dairy cattle, and to prevent supply crisis of raw milk in China.
Dairy companies prefer to keep milk price at a low level. The raw milk cost in China is 20% higher than that in New Zealand and other big exporting countries. China’s dairy farming lacks international competitiveness, and milk price is low as against the cost; however compared with New Zealand, the EU or the US, milk price in China is high. Farms shall still need to save cost and raise efficiency. 
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