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Tight Raw Milk Supply and Upsurge of Feed Cost lead to Continual Rise of Milk Price

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2018-12-07 14:29:26China Agriculture Report Print
MOA monitoring data indicates the monthly average price for soymeal in November stood at 3.6 yuan/kg, up 9% YoY. Corn price in November was 2.06 yuan/kg, up 6% YoY.
Monthly Average raw milk price in the ten main farming regions in November was 3.55yuan/kg, up 0.04 yuan/kg MoM or up 0.05 yuan/kg YoY.
It should be pointed out that although official data indicates upward turn of milk price, but BOABC learned key dairy companies lowered raw milk collection price in November. We should wait and see how milk price shall trend. 

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