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Top 20 Soybean Importers in December, 2012

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2013-01-31 11:08:20China Agriculture Report Print     China’s soybean imports registered 5.89 million MT in December, an increase of 41.6% over the month before. The top twenty importers handled 67% of the imports.
    Shandong Chenxi Group Co., Ltd., Sanhe Hope Full Grain Oil Group’s Feed & Protein Co., Ltd., SinoGrain & Oil Co., Ltd., Jiusan Grain & Oil Industry Group Co., Ltd. and Chinatex Grain & Oils Imports & Export Co., Ltd. ranked top five with a respective quantity of 461,000 MT, 367,000 MT, 334,000 MT, 303,000 MT and 284,000 MT, accounting for 7.83%, 6.23%, 5.68%, 5.15% and 4.83% of the total respectively.


From “China Oil and Oilseeds Market Weekly Report”

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