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Fertilizer Price Trends This Week

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2013-01-11 09:42:56China Agriculture Report Print UREA:  With tight supply of natural gas and coal and decrease of operating rate of urea manufacturers, urea retail price increased slightly to RMB2210/MT this week, up 1.1% compared with last year, increasing RMB100/MT compared with early December 2012. (Figure 1)
ABC: this week ABC retail price is around RMB700Yuan/MT affected by rebound of urea price, up 10-20Yuan/MT compared with last week, the decline rate down to 4% compared with last year. (Figure 2)
DAP: This week DAP price kept stable with an average retail price of RMB3500/MT, up 3.7% compared with last year. It is predicted DAP price shall keep up trend in the later period. (Figure 3)
NPK: this week NPK price was generally stable except that some manufacturers raised factory price by RMB30-50/MT because of purchasing high-price raw materials. (Figure 4)
MOP: as potash fertilizer price of US$400/MT set in new contracts played little support to domestic market and stock of MOP was sufficient, retail price of MOP kept stable at RMB2950/MT. (Figure 5)
SOP: SOP retail price was RMB3130/MT this week, the same with the last week of 2012 but down over 7% compared with last year. (Figure 6)

From “China Fertilizer Market Weekly Report
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