Consulting Service

1.Financial Advisory & Investment Intermediary Service

1) Finance Service: Help enterprises get finance support from PE, etc.

2) Merger and Acquisition: Help with enterprises' rapid development by merger and acquisition.

3) Investment Intermediary: Help domestic and overseas enterprises get business partners, trade agents as well as the resource needed, such as land, forestry, pasture and water, etc;

4) Multinational Investment Consulting Service: Help domestic medium-large scale enterprises get continuous land, project, technical support from abroad, find targets for merger and acquisition, etc.

5) Private Placement Bond Issuance Service for Medium-Small Scale Enterprises: Help medium-small scale enterprises issue private placement bond in domestic capital market to get fund for further development with the least cost.

2.Industry Research Service

With reference to enterprises' plan of entering new market or industry, conduct relative research including industry background, policies and regulations, industry chain analysis, profit distribution, market competition, major competitors and price trend, etc.

3.Market Investigation Service

1) New Product Release: In coordination with the release of new products, help enterprises set proper sales strategy and get to know market demand condition, price trend, policies and regulations, operation and management condition of major competitors, etc.

2) Competitor Investigation: Help enterprises have more comprehensive knowledge about competitors.

3) Standard Enterprise Mode Research Service: Help enterprises have better and deeper understanding about the industry's business mode, marketing mode, product R&D, revenue and profit, etc.

4.Feasibility Analysis Service

1) Feasibility Research: Help enterprises with feasibility research regarding projects to be invested, including industry background, policies and regulations, market competition, major competitors, price trend and finance evaluation, etc.

2) Project Proposal: In coordination with project initiation and fund collection before listing, help with material preparation, report composition, qualification certification as well as submission to Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Stock Supervisory Committee, etc.

5.Strategy Advice and Industry Park Planning Service

1) Strategy Planning: Help enterprises analyze market environment change, set development direction and strategy, conduct pre-entry industry research, etc.

2) Industry Park Planning and Location Select Service: Help enterprises find proper location, analyze the obtained resources and provide management advice based on the local resource distribution, policies and regulations and market position.

6.Brand Promotion and Advertising Campaign Service

1) Media Campaign Service: Help enterprises establish close relationship with the relative media, to promote brand and product by article release, exclusive interview and advertisement, etc.

2) Conference Service: Hold or co-organize various conferences to realize brand promotion, sales and marketing, etc.

3) Advertisement Service: CnAgri owns 6 direct magazines and 5 industry website source. The 6 magazines are E Scale Hog, 1st Animal Health, China Vegetable, 1st Aquaculture, North Aquaculture, Agriculture Material Guide. The 5 websites cover the following industry such as livestock, vegetable, aquaculture, fertilizer and pesticide, etc.

7.Human Resource Service

In the process of rapid expansion, various middle-top level talents regarding management, R&D, sales and marketing would be needed by enterprises, CnAgri can help this with a professional HR database accumulated during the past 17 years.

8.Public Relationship Service

Being in the line of agriculture for 17 years, CnAgri is quite familiar with the relative policies and regulations, we can help with qualification approval as well as benefitting from preferential policies, loan, subsidy and certification, to secure a quicker development for enterprises.

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