• 1. Order and Subscription 1) About order

    By fax, email, telephone or order online from this website. Contract will be signed upon agreement from both sides.

    2) About subscription against the reports

    All the reports subscribed will be sent to your by e-mail, while hard copies are also available for annual and special reports.
  • 2. How about the charge? 1) For reports

    For charge of every single report is stated on the report content page of this website separately. Preferential offer is available conditionally, please contact us for details.

    2) For data

    For customized data, the offer is different according to your specific requirements.

    For Database App, it's mainly consisted of two parts, the basic part and AG-Market. For the basic part, which includes fundamental data (such as output, acreage, prices, consumption), imp & exp data, balance sheet from the year of 2005 to present, the Chinese version is RMB20,000 per year and English version RMB30,000 per year for comprehensive version, for each-single-industry version (which includes Grains & Oil Version, Pesticide & Fertilizer Version, Dairy Version, Food Version, Livestock & Feed Version, Aquatic Version and Wood Version) the Chinese version is RMB8,000 per year and English version RMB12,000 per year. For AG-Market, the quote is up for discussion and varies from your detailed needs.

    3) For projects:

    Our project executive analyst will offer a detailed project proposal after getting to know your specified requirements and needs, which shall include research contents, research methods, project implementation schedule, costs for every part of the whole work, etc.

    4) For conference:

    For this part, the charge is different according to your specific requirements.