China Livestock and Feed Market Weekly Report

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China Livestock & Feed Market Weekly Report 20120104

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Brief Introduction:

It is an up-to-date report mainly focusing on the latest livestock & feed weekly market news, policies, and enterprises info, weekly prices of livestock & feed products . And at the end of every month, the special imp & exp data for all kind of the livestock & feed will be supplied.

Basic Information:

Author: CNAGRI
Key Words: Livestock Market, Feed Market, Livestock & Feed Import Data, Livestock & Feed Export Data, Demand amd Supply
Delivery: via E-mail
Price: Chinese Version RMB10000Yuan/YEAR; English Version RMB20000Yuan/YEAR

Table of Contents:

News: It reports dynamic issues related to policies, technologies, development, trade, etc in the field of livestock & feed industry and its correlated industry.
Data Statistics: It covers current conditions of staple materials for main feed varieties, including corn, soymeal, fishmeal, methionine, lysine and feed ingredients; feed varieties for industry use, broiler, layer, hog, ruminant and aquatic feed. And it provides livestock imp & exp amount by countries, customs and provinces as well as meat and feed output.    
Analysis Forecast: It covers an in-depth analysis on market change, future trend and policies both at home and abroad in domestic livestock and feed market and its correlated industry.
Supply & Demand: It regularly releases domestic supply & demand balance sheet for meat and feed in order to estimate supply& demand conditions in key meat and feed markets.
Port Trends: It reports volume, consumption, stock and price change of imported feed ingredients and meat via ports.
Price Trend: It monitors purchasing, factory, wholesale and selling prices via ports of main feed ingredients and livestock varieties as to forecast the future prices.
China livestock & feed weekly market report (Issue 20110511)
Inside This Issue:
News Briefs                                                  
News analysis                                               
Integrative Livestock Companies Give Hog Farms Loan Guarantee Service
Estimates of Corn Imports in 2011                
Yurun Group Suspected to Cash in on Government’s Subsidy3
Prices of Feed Ingredients                           
Weekly Prices Livestock Products                
Weekly Prices Livestock Products
Pork: On May.11, 2011, at pork wholesale markets of 36 medium-sized and large cities, the average price of fresh boned leg meat and lean pork (not tenderloin) is RMB20.28/kg, up by 1.72% on the basis of last week. This week live pig price is up to RMB15.14/kg, it is expected that pork prices will move up. 
Figure 2, China Weekly Wholesale Prices of Pork in 36 Large Cities, 2009-2011
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