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Cotton Consumption for Yarn Production in June in China

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2012-08-01 10:42:37China Agriculture Report Print

China’s productions of pure cotton yarn, mixed yarn and chemical fibers were 2.104 million MT, 322,000 MT and 410,000 MT respectively in June, up 7.7%, 19.7% and 7% respectively on the year-on-year basis.

Pure cotton yarn production totaled 11.477 million MT in January ~ June, mixed yarn 1.712 million MT and chemical fiber 2.168 million MT, up 12.7%, 25.4% and 8.2% respectively on the year-on-year basis.

The promulgated figures showed that pure cotton yarn, mixed yarn and chemical fiber productions increased 10%, 14.2% and 14.25% respectively in June and 12.8%, 14.8% and 14.6% respectively in January ~ June, both on the year-on-year basis.

It was estimated that cotton ratio was 77.7% in June and 78.08% in January ~ June in the mixed yarn, down 0.4% but up 0.6% respectively on the year-on-year basis.

Calculating by yarn production and cotton ratio in the mixed yarn, BOABC estimates that 2.2 million MT cotton might be consumed in June for yarn production. Taking into account of 3% waste and 20% reclaimed fiber, cotton consumption for yarn production was about 1.813 million MT in June, 8.2% more than the same period of last year. Cotton consumption by the textile industry was estimated to be 9.88 million MT in January ~ June, an increase of 11.6% on the year-on-year basis.

From "China Cotton Market Bi-Weekly Report"


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