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China Cotton Market Review & Outlook 2010-2011

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Keywords:China Cotton Market

Brief Introduction:

This report relies on years of research on the cotton industry, combined with changes law of supply and demand over the years in the cotton industry, based on domestic market, couducted in-depth investigation and research on the enterprise group of the cotton industry. At the same time, aiming at the characteristics of the cotton industry and its downstream and upstream industries, cutting into the industry from different angles, the report also provides a powerful data support and professional market orientation for cotton enterprises, and provides authoritative, adequate, and reliable decision-making basis for enterprise development strategies making, enterprise decision-making and enterprise management.

Basic Information:

Author: CNAGRI
Web: www.CNAGRI.com
Key Words: Cotton Policy, China’s Cotton Market, Cotton Production, Import and Export Data, Demand and Supply, Enterprises, Trend and Anticipation
Delivery: via E-mail or Hard Copy
Price: Chinese Version RMB11000Yuan/YEAR; English Version RMB14000Yuan/YEAR

Table of Contents:

Chapter One Economic growth of China and the world's major nations, 2005-2010
 1.1 The textile industry and cotton production index of China and major nations, 2005-2010
 1.2 World economic growth and global cotton output
 1.3 World economic growth and the textile industry prosperity index
Chapter Two Cotton production in China, 2005-2010
2.1 The situation of Cotton planting area, yield and total output in the main producing areas in China, 2005-2010
2.2 2005-2010 Production cost analysis of the main cotton producing areas in China
2.3 The impact of subsidy policies on cotton production in China
2.4 The impact of cotton purchasing and storage policies on cotton production in China
2.5 Forecast for long-term cotton supply in China, 2010-2015
2.6 National policy guidance to cotton industry, 2010-2015
Chapter Three Chinese Cotton consumption, 2005-2010
3.1 Substantial growth of cotton consumption in China, 2005-2010
3.2 Yearly cotton yarn output in major cotton producing provinces, 2005-2010
3.3 The gap between output and demand in different producing areas, 2005-2010
3.4 Other cotton consumptions in China, 2005-2010
3.5 Consumption characteristics and development trend of cotton clothing
3.6 Medical-use cotton consumption
Chapter Four The world cotton market, 2005-2010
4.1 The output and consumption of cotton, planting acreage , exports of the leading cotton producing countries, 2005-2010
4.2 The changes of cotton producing costs and returns in the major cotton producing countries, 2005-2010
4.3 The changes of China’s market share in global cotton consumption, 2005-2010
Chapter Five Cotton Import and Export in China, 2005-2010
5.1 The changes of volume and price of cotton import and export in China, 2005-2010
5.2 The Quantity and price variety of main import origin countries, 2005-2010
5.3 The situation of cotton supply and demand in China’s major producing provinces,and the forecasts for the next five years
5.4 The changes of cotton export volume and price, 2005-2010
5.5 China's cotton export by countries and by customs, 2005-2010
5.6 Impact of China's cotton trade on the international cotton market
5.7 The changes in the proportion of China's cotton import volumes to the global cotton trade, 2005-2010
5.8 Tariff policy and quota management of China's cotton import, 2005-2010
5.9 Supply and demand balance of the global cotton market 2005-2010 and forecast for the next 5 years.
Chapter Six Price trend of cotton market in 2010
6.1 Cotton Spot Market Research
 6.1.1 Seed cotton price trend of China in 2010
 6.1.2 Cotton price trend of China in 2010
 6.1.3 The relationship of China's cotton supply and demand and prices
 6.1.4 World cotton prices trend in 2010
 6.1.5 Correlation analysis of China's cotton prices and the international cotton prices
 6.1.6 Cotton price forecast of China and the world in 2010
6.2 Research and prospects of China's cotton futures market
 6.2.1 Cotton futures prices in 2010
 6.2.2 Warehouse receipt and position structure analysis of CZCE cotton futures, 2010
 6.2.3 Price forecast of China's cotton futures, 2010
6.3 Research and Outlook of the New York Cotton Futures Market
 6.3.1 Price changes of New York futures, 2010
 6.3.2 The changes in futures prices in New York 2010
 6.3.3 Warehouse receipts and position structure analysis of cotton futures in New York, 2010
 6.3.4 Warehouse receipts and position structure analysis of cotton options in New York, 2010
 6.3.5 Price forecast of New York cotton futures, 2010
6.4 Analysis of cotton ECN trade in China
 6.4.1.The order quantity and transaction volume of China's cotton ECN, 2005-2010
 6.4.2 ECN price trend of China's cotton, 2005-2010
6.5 Cotton by-products market
 6.5.1 Cotton seed price during the procurement season in China, 2010
6.6 Cotton yarn market
6.6.1 Cotton yarn market price trend in China, 2010
6.6.2 Net profit trend of China's textile industry, 2010
6.6.3 The impact of cotton purchasing and storage on cotton market as well as cotton textile industry, 2010
Chapter Seven Economic benefit analysis of the textile industry, 2008-2010
7.1 Analysis of key economic benefits of above-scale enterprises in the textile industry, 2008-2010
7.2 Key economic benefit indicators and analysis of state-owned and state holding industrial enterprises in the textile industry, 2008-2010
7.3 Key economic benefit indicators and analysis of private industrial enterprises in the textile industry, 2008-2010
7.4 Quantitative analysis of the impact of the textile industry on cotton industry
Chapter eight the factor analysis of cotton price fluctuations and the market prospect
8.1 International cotton price fluctuations analysis
8.2 China's cotton price fluctuations analysis
8.3 International cotton market prospect in two years
8.4 China's cotton market prospect in two years

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