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Fertilizer Price Trends: Urea Price Going Up

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2012-12-28 10:40:56China Agriculture Report Print UREA: On Dec. 20th, NDRC released Interim Provisions for Development and Management of Special or Rare Types of Coal, in which it is suggested to control total volume of special or rare types of coal like coking coal and anthracite and that any new mine should not increase capacity within 10 years. This policy drove professionals to predict increase of urea raw material cost, which with continuous influence of export customs policy, urea retail price is close to RMB2200/MT this week, up 0.6% compared with last year. (Figure 1)
ABC: this week ABC retail price is around RMB685Yuan/MT affected by rebound of urea price, up 20-30Yuan compared with last week, the decline down to 6.5% compared with last year. (Figure 2)
DAP: This week DAP price kept stable with increasing and dealers increased with good expectations on the future market. Average retail price was RMB3500/MT, up 3.9% compared with last year and up RMB20-30/MT compared with last week. (Figure 3)
NPK: Operating rate of NPK manufacturers increased, but NPK price kept stable with cautious actions of dealers. Average retail price is around RMB2730/MT, slightly up compared with last week,  but still slightly down compared with last year. (Figure 4)
MOP: MOP retail price still kept stable by narrowly fluctuating between RMB2900/MT and RMB3000/MT this week. With production reduction of international suppliers and stabilization of markets in southeastern Asia, domestic market confidence rises and price is predicted to go steadily later. (Figure 5)
SOP: SOP retail price was RMB3130/MT this week, the same with last week but down over 7% compared with last year. (Figure 6)

From “China Fertilizer Market Weekly Report

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