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Profits of transporting carcass meat across provinces are up to 600yuan/head, and will be more considerable in the future.

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2018-12-07 11:10:29China Agriculture Report Print Live pigs in big producing provinces couldn’t be transported to other regions, the selling of fattened pigs was seriously delayed, and slaughterhouses purchased pigs at low prices. All these factors made the price gap between producing areas and sales areas enlarged further.
Taking transporting pork from Henan to Jiangsu or Zhejia for example, the transportation cost is about 20,000 yuan/track (the road toll and fuel costs are about 10yuan/km, the distance between Henan and Zhejiang is about 1000 kilometers, and the costs for transportation personnel are about 10,000yuan). If it’s summer, the costs will be higher for refrigeration across the whole journey. However, the price gap between Henan and Zhejiang is roughly up to 600yuan/head, and the gross profit of each track (carcass meat of 200 pigs) reaches about 100,000yuan.
Due to capacity imbalance between main producing areas and major sales areas, the price gap across provinces will continue to exist. With the increasing in trans-provincial transportation volume of carcass meat, the price difference will narrow gradually. 

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