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According to BOABC’s Monitoring Results, 2018 MAP Output Decreased and DAP Output Increased

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Based on continuous statistics on output of some MAP and DAP producers by BOABC, there are 28 MAP producers and 33 DAP producers, whose output are 7.77 million MT and 14.43 million MT. The output accounts for more half of domestic P-fertilizer output (nutrient). 
Based on statistics, during January and September 2018, MAP and DAP output showed the increasing trends. Specifically speaking: 
(1) MAP: during January and September 2018, MAP output of producers monitored by BOABC reached 5 million MT, down 16.02% year on year. Top three producers are Hubei Yangfeng Co., Ltd., Yuntianhua Group and Hubei Xiangyun Group, whose output was 0.84 million MT, 0.62 million MT and 0.44 million MT, down 7.79%, 15.12% and 13.26% year on year.
 (2) DAP: during January and September 2018, DAP output of 33 producers monitored by BOABC totaled 11.15million MT, up 10.86% year on year. Top three producers are Yuntianhua Group, Guizhou Kailin Group and Hubei Yihua Group, whose output was 2.27 million MT, 1.72 million MT and 1.51 million MT, up 38.00%, 23.08% and -1.54% year on year. 
There are differentials on methods of applying MAP and DAP. MAP is used directly for agriculture in small quantities and mainly used as raw materials for compound fertilizer and BB fertilizer. However most of DAP is directly used for agriculture. Along with a fall in prices and planting margins of agricultural products, the the acceptance of farmers to compound fertilizer declines and the use of single-element and binary fertilizer with low prices increases, which bring certain influence on P-fertilizer production. Besides, a slight growth in DAP exports also brings positive stimulus for market.      
It was predicted that 2018 MAP and DAP output would be 6.6 million MT and 16 million MT respectively.
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