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Potash Prices Kept Increasing to the Highest Level in Recent Years, Influencing the Purchasing Demand from Downstream Companies

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2018-11-29 09:59:47China Agriculture Report Print
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Since more a year, domestic potash prices have kept increasing, and even recently to the highest level in recent years.
MOP: the exercise prices of 60% powdery products from Qinghai Salt Lake were 2,400 RMB/MT; the port prices of 62% Russian white potash ranged at 2,500-2,550 RMB/MT, and Russian red potash fluctuated at 2,300-2,350 RMB/MT. 
SOP: 51% powdery and granular SOP prices of SDIC Xinjiang Luobupo Hoevellite were 3,100 RMB/MT and 3,250 RMB/MT; 52% powdery and granular SOP prices recorded 3,150 RMB/MT and 3,300 RMB/MT. Mannheim 50% SOP (powdery) ex-factory prices ranged at 2,900-3,100 RMB/MT; 52% SOP (powdery) ex-factory prices fluctuated at 3,000-3,200 RMB/MT. The prices of Qinghai powdery SOP (water-salt system) arrival at station ranged at 2,800-2,850 RMB/MT.   
Domestic MOP stocks owned by the producers are low and there is less imported potash arrival at the ports. Currently, the stocks at main ports have decreased to 1.5 million MT, the lowest level at the same period of last three years, which is the main reason for an increase in potash prices.
Due to an increase in potash prices, downstream NPK producers are less willing to stock up the goods and most of them are still waiting and seeing. In the short term, potash prices would go up and the demand from the downstream would reduce, but supported by a rigid demand for NPK, the demand for purchasing potash would be gradually ascending. Under the situation of stabilization of potash imports, potash prices would continue a strong run in the near future. 

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