Dairy Production Stood at 2.51 m...

In July, dairy production of companies above a designated siz...

Major Trends of China’s Dairy...

(1) Drop of number of dairy farming householdsBy the end of...

Growth of China’s Raw Milk Price Accelerated in August

According the monitoring by the Ministry of Agriculture and R...

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Wheat prices increased due to decreased actual yield.The national average price of wheat stood at 2482yuan ton in November, rising by 0 84% month-on-month and 5 51% y
China’s prices of grain and industrial p...Composite prices of grain: In November, the composite price of paddy, wheat, corn, sorghum, barley and soybeans s
Bulletin on the Chian Grain Output in 2020,National Bureau of StatisticsAccording to the result of nationwide sampling survey and comprehensive statistics of agricultural holdings conducte
The Overall Margins of Corn Starch Processing were Lower than Last MonthAlthough the corn costs were lower than last month, the price of corn starch and by-products decreased much shar
Changes in Prices in Vegetable Oil and Protein Meal in November(1) Vegitable oil prices went up except rapeseed oil priceSoybean oil prices up to 8,084 RMB MT from 7,609 RMB M
Rapeseed Crush Profit Up sharply Due to Rapoil Price Increased Sharply In November, the average price of rapeseed oil extracted from imported rapeseed was 10,496 RMB MT, sharply up 609
Soybean Crushing Profit was Good Due to ...In November, the cost of imports soybean around 3,150 RMB MT, soybean oil price increased sharply while meal decr
Home-Made Soybean Prices Ascended Greatly...It is busy season of selling and buying soybean in the northeast now, but the situation is different this year
677,300 tons Imported, 44.13% YoY Increa...China imported 677,300 tons sugar in August 2020, 115 84% more than in July or 44 13% less than year on year
10.41 Million Tons New Sugar Produced, Sales 7.10 million Tons in 2019/20China had produced 10 42 million tons sugar till the end of August in 2019 20, 345,300 tons less than the 10 76
New Campaign Started, Inner Mongolia Lik...20th September 2020 saw the official operation of beet sugar processing lines in Inner Mongolia, which drew open
New Campaign Started, Inner Mongolia Likel...(1) Debut of the 2020 21 campaign with the official starting up of beet sugar manufacturing companies in Inner M
The Price and Cost of Compound Feed are...The prices of compound feed for fattening pigs, broilers and layers averaged at RMB 3,500 MT, 3,530 MT, and RMB
Corn Starch Prices Averaged at RMB 3,805/MT, up RMB 110/MTDriven by rising costs, corn starch quotations continue to climb this week Corn starch prices averaged at RMB 3
Corn Prices Averaged at RMB 2,902/MT, up RMB 39/MT With the gradual decline in purchases and sales, the increase in corn prices has gone downwards The prices averag
The Lysine Price Rose to the Highest in the Past 6 YearsAfter entering January, the market price of lysine has climbed strongly As of January 22, domestic lysine manufa

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The Monthly Data on Industry Related Economic IndicatorsFrom January to October, the forestry fixed asset investment decreased 3 1% year on year From January to October,
Company NewsOn October 31, the Yancheng Cellulose Fiber Integration Industrial Base of Sinar Mas Group laid the foundation T
Forestry Resources and Policies NewsAt present, Guangxi has fir forest area of 22 557 million mu with a storage volume of 12 9229 million cubic met
The Monthly Data Statistics on Wood and Its Products The Monthly Data on Industry Related Economic IndicatorsFrom January to July, the forestry fixed asset investment
China Fruit Market Research Monthly ReportBOABC: China’s High Quality Apple Prices Would Rise If the Cold Injury Caused Reduction of Apple Output by
China Fruits and Vegetables Market Monthly ReportMonthly Insight: Conducting an in-depth analysis on current hot topics and newsPolicy: Focus on industry polices t
The profit of imported raw sugar proc...Raw sugar futures prices in New York keeps stable in August The average of futures price for raw sugar (2010)
1.39% Decrease of White Granulated Sugar from July(1) White Granulated SugarThe overall trend of spot price for sugar stop falling stabilization The average spot
China’s Sugar Price Index decrease 1.87% from Previous MonthThe wholesale price index fall stabilized in August, which averaged 5,474 00 yuan ton, down 1 87% from last month, down 4 76% YoY
Both International and Domestic Market...The international sugar market is sluggish with the upsurge of production in both Brazil and India The global e
China Dairy Cow Production Has Steadily IncreasedAccording to the statistics of China Dairy Herd Improvement (DHI), the production of the tested dairy cows has i
The Guide Price of Raw milk Purchase...In recent years, the dairy farming industry in Wuzhong City of Ningxia has developed rapidly Three core dairy f
The China Raw Milk Price in November...According to the monitoring of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the price of raw milk in China ha
Q4 Reference Price for Raw Milk in H...Hebei Province sets Q4 reference price for raw milk trading at 3 97 yuan kg, up by 3 1% year on year; minimum