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Urban Agriculture Conference 2011

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2012-07-26 13:37:03China Agriculture Report Print Urban Agriculture, practice in balancing urban and rural development of Jiangjin, Chongqing & 1st Chongqing Urban Agriculture Investment and Financing Fair

The 14th China Chongqing International Investment and Global Sourcing Fair (CCISF), which is hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C, State Council Three Gorges Project Construction Committee Executive Office, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Chongqing Municipal Peoples Government, Municipal Government of West and some East China provinces and cities, will be held in Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center from May 19th to May 22nd 2011.

At the same time of CCISF, “Urban Agriculture, practice in balancing urban and rural development of Jiangjin, Chongqing & 1st Chongqing Urban Agriculture Investment and Financing Fair” will be held in Chongqing. The fair will invite official representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Commerce and Chongqing Municipal Peoples Government, etc to introduce the status, trend and policy of urban agriculture in China. Meanwhile, representatives from reputable financial institutes will share their knowledge and experience.

Organizer:        Chongqing Municipal People’s Government, 
Support:            Development Research Center of the State Council 
                           China Guanghua Foundation
Host:                 Chongqing Commissions for Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Commission
                           Jiangjin District Government, Chongqing
Co-organizer:  Chongqing Development and Reform Commission 
                           Chongqing Agriculture CommissionCommittee
                           Chongqing City Finance Office
                           Bureau of Land Resources and Housing Management of Chongqing Municipality
                           Support: State Council Development Research Center
Honorary Co-organizer:  U.S. CHIC FoodsGroup
Special Co-organizer:     Chongqing JZC Agricultural Development Co., Ltd
                                            USChongqing Sun Agricultural Development Co., Ltd International
                                            Chongqing Ruziniu Agriculture

Conference Host: Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultant Ltd.
Exclusive financial media supporter: He Xun.com
Appointed News Release Agency: PR Newswire (Aisa)
TV Media: CCTV, Chongqing Economic Broadcasting Station

Press media:
Xinhua News Agency, China Daily, People’s Daily, China Securities, 21st Century Business, China Business News, China Business Daily, South China Morning Post, China Trade News, China industrial Economy News, Economic Observer, Economic Information Daily, China Business Journal, Nanfang Daily, New Countryside Commerce, China Economic Time, Chinese Consumer Journal, Chongqing News, Chongqing Night News, CQET, Chongqing Times, Agriculture Economics, Business Value, Caijing, IT Manager World, Wise Money

Web media:
CCTV.com, NetEase, SINA, He Xun.com, CaiXun.com, HolyZone

Key Topics:

Focus on Chongqing Rural- Urban Integration, Urban Agriculture and Jiangjin
Urban Agriculture industry policy analysis and development
Urban Agriculture industry investment
VC/PE investment in Urban Agriculture
Introduction of excellent Urban Agriculture projects in China and oversea


• Introduce China development direction and policy guidance of “ Urban Agriculture ” to participating enterprises
• Discuss on the signification and practice of “ Urban Agriculture ” to Rural-Urban Integration
• Discuss on the opportunities and ways for capital market exploring “ Urban Agriculture ”
• Introduce excellent “ Urban Agriculture” projects, build investment and financing platform, and promote participating enterprises to sign a letter of project intent
• At the background of 14th China Chongqing International Investment and Global Sourcing Fair (CCISF), enhance attractiveness of CCISF
• Promote agricultural brandization

Topic Seminar

Seminar1. Urban Agriculture’s Why, What & How
Seminar2. Industry capital looks forward Urban Agriculture
Seminar3. Financial capital looks forward Urban Agriculureture
Seminar4. Capital market looks forward Urban Agriculture


• Speech:Focus on hot topics and policy guidance and invite leaders and experts from the government, trade associations and top agricultural enterprises.
• Round table seminars: discussion and analysis on the topics.
• Excellent projects analysis:After round table seminars, arrange 1~2 excellent projects show and answer questions.
• Media interview:To arrange media interviews with guests and enterprises.
• Discussion: the organizer arranges lunch and tea break to provide opportunities for attendants' communication.

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