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China’s Frozen Beef Imports in January-April 2013

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2013-05-30 11:02:05China Agriculture Report Print China imported 71,653,246 kilograms of frozen beef in January-April at an average price of $4.17/kg, an increase of 961.46% but a drop of 5.65% respectively on the year-on-year basis.
Specifically, 31,850,433 kilograms were brought in from Australia at $4.49/kg, 18,715,658 kilograms from Uruguay at $3.77/kg, 14,188,498 kilograms from New Zealand at $4.16/kg, 5,289,163 kilograms from Canada at $3.48/kg, 1,609,494 kilograms from Argentina at $4.66/kg.
As for import companies, Dalian Greathand Tech Development Co.,Ltd., Dalian FengMing International Trading CO.,LTD., COFCO, Shanghai FuZheng Trading CO.,LTD., Beijing Bolong Fuhai International Trading CO.,LTD. are five Chinese companies with the largest biggest of frozen beef, with the import accounting for 38.94% of the total.

From “China Livestock and Feed Market Weekly Report”
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