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Pyridine Price Continued To Hike

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Following its steady increase in 2012, pyridine price continued to hike with faster pace in 2013. Delivery price at Shanghai Port was 26,000 Yuan at the beginning of 2012, while it climbed to 30,000 Yuan at the end of the year, up by 15%, and it has reached over 36,000 Yuan at the end of March, up 20% within a quarter.
On top of the warming of pesticide market, positive policy was another factor to push pyridine price upwards. The MOC launched an anti-dumping investigation against Japan and India-origin pyridine in September, 2012, and the final verdict will came out as early as April, 2013. It is expected that it will be ruled as dumping, and thus a higher import tax will be levied, so pyridine price would be pushed further upwards. It will be expected to be 40,000 Yuan at last.
According to the level of 2012, Chinese pyridine products capacity and output was 120,000 tons and 80,000 tons respectively, and domestic demand was not fully met. And it is expected that domestic pyridine products will go up by 10% year-on-year from 2013 to 2015, and exceed the threshold of 100,000 tons in 2015. Increased demand and restricted import will intensify the over-demand in pyridine, which would be a main drive for paraquat and chlorpyrifos hike.

From “China Pesticide Market Monthly Report
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