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Present Situation of Potato in China

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Potatoes are important crop and vegetable. In China, potatoes are planted mainly in Sichuan, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan and Guizhou. In 2010, gross potato output in China was 16.307 million ton, with planting area of 5.205 million hectares. Planting area for potato in Inner Mongolia, Guizhou, and Gansu is 681,100 hectares, 645,800 hectares and 645,500 hectares respectively, accounting for 37.89% of total area in China.

Although potato planting area is less than 2011, affected by low price and slack market, it is estimated that potato output in Inner Mongolia in 2012 may keep stable due to more advanced planting and suitable climate,

In 2011, 372,900 ton potatoes were mainly exported to Malaysia, Vietnam, Russia, and Indonesia, of 100,300 ton, 82,500 ton, 58,800 ton and 39,000 ton respectively, accounting for 75.25% of the gross exportation. Export amount of Qingdao Customs was 188,000 ton, covering 50.4% of total, ranking the highest, followed by Kunming Customs and Harbin Customs, were 60,900 ton and 41000 ton respectively.

From "China Fruits and Vegetables Market Monthly Report"


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