China Fruits and Vegetables Market Monthly Report

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China Fruits and Vegetables Market Monthly Report

Brief Introduction:

It is an up-to-date report mainly focusing on the latest fruit and vegetable monthly market news, policies, enterprises info, monthly prices of fruit and vegetable products and price trend. At the end of every month, the import and export date for all kind of fruit and vegetable will be supplied.

Table of Contents:

Monthly Insight: Conducting an in-depth analysis on current hot topics and news 
Policy: Focus on industry polices that will influence the development of fruit and vegetable industry
Weather: Observe the impact that weather brings to transportation and supply of fruit and vegetable.
Output: Analyzing fruit and vegetable growth and the trend
The Trend of Price: Focus on the price of fruit and vegetable that included in the “Vegetable Basket Project” initiated by Agricultural Department.
Consumption: Consumption and Trend of Fruit and Vegetable across the Country
Processing: Current Status and Trend of Fruit and Vegetable Processing Industry
Import and Export Trade: Timely report on information including export and import volume and price
The report has annex of import and export information, which is detailed in import and export volume and price of most fruit and vegetable.
Monthly Analysis Report on China Fruit and Vegetable Market is prepared based on the data information from State Statistics Bureau, State Economics and Trade Committee, State Customs Bureau, Industry Associations, Newspaper and Magazines and local statistic bureaus. Some of the data have been the monitoring result of Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultant, Ltd. After analysis and consolidation of all the data, we present an insightful report for readers.
The report will be issued at the beginning of each month. It can be subscribed by email in a format of PDF. If you require WORD format or print copy, please contact our company.
Target Readers
Research and Information department of fruit and vegetable cultivating and processing companies; vegetable juice, canned food and baking companies that can utilize fruit and vegetable, traders, investment banks, government, embassies; and companies, individuals and research institutes that are planning to enter the fruit and vegetable industry.
Price and Services
Chinese Version of Report on China Fruit and Vegetable Market is RMB 5000/year, English version RMB 10000/year. Along with the subscription, readers can enjoy the professional information consulting services as well as other value-added services.
China fruit and vegetable monthly market report
Inside This Issue
China Increased Exported Volume of Fruits and Vegetables to Japan 5
Xinghua Speeds up Producing Dehydrated Vegetables Sold to Japan 5
Stabilization of Vegetable Prices is the Foundation of Stabilization of Commodity Prices       6
Ministry of Commerce: Vegetables Experienced Stagnant Sales at Some Regions 6
POLICY       6
The Ministry of Commerce: Cold Chain Transportation Rate of Fruits and Vegetables will Increase to 20% by 2015.       6
940 Million Yuan Is Invested to Build Large Scale Fruits and Vegetables Market      7
Harbin Will Start Construction Project of Fruits and Sales Wholesale Market     7
Hubei Fruits Industry Obtained Significant Achievement in the Eleventh Five Year Program 9
Sichuan is Going to Focus on Developing Vegetables Industry      9
Price of Vegetables    9
The Price of Fruits     10
The Prices Increase in Fruits at Xiamen Created New High in Ten Years Due to the Weather      10
Prices of 13 Major Varieties of Vegetables Indicated Downward Trend Since February 10
Vegetables Prices in Beijing Dropped by 20% From Last Year.      11
Export   12
Import    14
The Export Volume of Zhangzhou Vegetables to Korea Increased by Five Times   Japan Became the Largest Market for Imported Vegetables. 16
Petty Trade of Fruits at Boarder Area Accounted for 90% Total Export Volume in Heilongjiang Between January and February
Bright Food Group Provided Support to Afflicted Regions in Japan, Increasing Total Vegetable Export Volume to Japan       17
Half of Vietnam Fruits and Vegetables Are Exported to China Last Year     17
Russia Imposed Zero Tariff on Some Imported Vegetables    18
In 2009, the total area of orchard amounted to 10.68 million hectares, about the same level from last year. The output reached 120 million tons, up by 9% from last year. It is hoped that the orchard area and output in 2010 will increase slightly from last year. The main cause is the high prices of fruits in 2009, which encouraged the enthusiasm of fruit framers. In 2011, the orchard area and output of fruits will still increase slightly in 2011.
In 2009, the total growing area of vegetables amounted to 18.2 million hectares, up by 1.8% from last year, and the output reached 602 million tons, up by 4.5% from last year. It is hoped that the area and output of vegetables in 2010 will still grow. The main reason is the high prices of vegetables, which encouraged the enthusiasm of farmers. In 2011, the area and output will still grow slightly.
Hectarage and Output of Fruits in China during 1997 and 2011
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