2014 China’s Hog Industry In-depth Research Report

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Brief Introduction:

Table of Contents:

1 Policy Environment of China’s Hog Industry
1.1  Estimation on China’s Grain Production Policy
1.2  Assessment on the Change of Environmental Protection Policy for Breeding Industry
1.3  Study and Judgment on Quality Control of Hog Processing Product
1.4   Study and Judgment on the Support Policy for Hog Breeding
1.5  Pork Reserve Policy
1.6  Study and Judgment on Livestock Husbandry Development Policy
1.7  Livestock Epidemic Situation and Epidemic Prevention Policy and Its Influence
1.8  Assessment on Feed Industry Development Policy
1.9  Analysis on Development Trend of Hog Slaughtering Policy
1.10 Estimation on the Change Trend of Pork Product Trade Policy
1.11 Analysis on the Development Direction of Hog Industry during the 13th Five-Year Plan Period
1.11.1 Target of Resident Income and Its Influence on Pork Consumption during the 13th Five-Year Plan Period
1.11.2 Development Direction of Hog Industry during the 13th Five-Year Plan Period
1.12 Comprehensive Assessment on Hog Industry Policy Environment
2 International Status of China’s Hog Breeding and Cost Comparison
2.1 Regional Distribution of Global Pork Production
2.2 Global Pork Trade
2.3 Hog Breeding in the US
2.4 Hog Breeding in Europe
2.5 Hog Breeding in Brazil
2.6 Change Trend of China’s International Status of Hog Breeding
3 Cost-benefit Analysis of China’s Hog Industry Value Chain
3.1 Analysis on the Structure of Hog Industry Value Chain
3.1.1 Pig Feed Production Cost-benefit Analysis and Forecast
3.1.2 Breeding Pig Farming Cost-benefit Analysis and Forecast
3.1.3 Cost-benefit Analysis and Forecast of Hog Breeding in Different Regions
3.1.4 Cost-benefit Analysis and Forecast of Hog Breeding of Different Scales
3.1.5 Live Pig Circulation Cost-benefit Analysis and Forecast
3.1.6 Hog Slaughtering Cost-benefit Analysis and Forecast
3.1.7 Pork Product Cost-benefit Analysis and Forecast 
3.1.8 Analysis on the Component of Hog Industry Value Chain
3.2 Rationality Evaluation of Profit Distribution of Hog Industry Value Chain
3.3 Profit Distribution’s Influence of Value Chain on Hog Breeding Benefit
4 Analysis on China’s Pork Market
4.1 Global Pork Output, 2009-2014
4.2 Pork Supply in China, 2009-2014
4.2.1 Domestic Output
4.2.2 Import and Export Volume
4.3 Analysis on Pork Consumption in China
4.3.1 Pork Consumption Structure and Its Development Trend
4.3.2 Analysis on the Influencing Factors of Pork Consumption
4.3.3 Pork Consumption Prospect Forecast, 2015-2019
4.4 Analysis on China’s Pork Export Prospect
5 Analysis on China’s Hog Breeding Industry
5.1 Inventory and Import Volume of Breeding Pig in China, 2009-2014
5.2 Inventory and Slaughter of Hog and Pork Output in China, 2009-2014
5.3 Degree of Scale Hog Breeding in China, 2009-2014
5.4 Analysis on Hog Breeding Benefit in China
5.4.1 Cost of Hog Breeding Sow Cost Shared Equally Feed Veterinary Drug and Vaccine Others
5.4.2 Hog Purchasing Price
5.4.3 Hog Breeding Profit
5.5. Expectation on Hog Breeding Quantity in China, 2015-2019
5.6 Analysis on the Development and Investment Situation of Main Enterprises in China’s Hog Market
5.6.1 WENS Group
5.6.2 TRUEIN Group
5.6.3 MUYUAN Group
5.6.4 ZHENGBANG Group
5.6.5 COFCO Group
5.6.8 SHUANGHUI Group
5.6.9 CP Group
5.6.10 New Hope Group
6 Assessment on the Development of China’s Pig Feed Industry
6.1 Analysis on Feed Ingredients Supply in China
6.1.1 Corn Supply Analysis Domestic Corn Output Analysis Domestic Demand Analysis of Corn for Feed Analysis on China’s Dependence on Imported Corn Influence of Corn Supply on Hog Breeding
6.1.2 Soybean Meal Supply Analysis Domestic Soybean Output Analysis Domestic Demand Analysis of Soybean Meal for Feed Analysis of China’s Dependence on Imported Soybean Influence of Soybean Meal Supply on Hog Breeding
6.2 Analysis on Pig Feed Supply in China
6.2.1 Change Trend of Pig Feed Output in China, 2009-2014
6.2.2 Regional Distribution of Pig Feed in China, 2009-2014
6.2.3 Analysis of Pig Feed Structure in China, 2009-2014
6.2.4 Analysis on China’s Top 10 Pig Feed Enterprises
6.3 Forecast on China’s Pig Feed Demand, 2015-2019
7  Analysis on Hog Health Market in China
7.1 Analysis on Main Epidemic Disease of Hog Breeding in China
7.2 Analysis on Hog Health Market in China, 2009-2014
7.2.1 Scale and Development Trend of Hog Health Market in China
7.2.2 Scale and Development Trend of Veterinary Drug Market of Hog
7.2.3 Scale and Development Trend of Hog Vaccine Market
7.3 Forecast on the Development Tendency of Hog Health Market in China, 2015-2019
7.4 Analysis on Farmers’ Behavior of Purchasing Animal Health Products
7.4.1 Expenditure for Animal Health Products
7.4.2 Purchasing Channels
7.4.3 Decision Factors
7.5 Analysis on China’s Top 10 Hog Health Enterprises
8 Development Pattern of China’s Hog Industry in the Future
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