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Grain Imports & Exports in Jan. 2014

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2014-03-25 10:14:15China Agriculture Report Print

 According to the Customs, China grain and grain products imports kept high in Jan. 2014.
According to the Customs, China’s grain and its flour imports registered 1.81million MT in Dec., a significant increase of 79.21% on the year-on-year basis. Imports of other grains were 128,000MT, increasing 510% YOY. The imports of other grains were mainly kaoliang, registering 120,400MT. Higher domestic kaoliang price than international price and consumption for liquor and feed promoted kaoliang imports.

  As for raw grains, exports of wheat, rice, corn and barley totaled 23,636MT, down 39.03% YOY and 7.46% MOM. Exports of the four grains were 0MT, 23,541MT, 10MT and 85MT respectively.
  Of the total imports of 1.676 million MT, 725,900 MT were wheat, 199,700 MT rice, 650,900 MT corn and 99,400 MT barley, up 67.31%, up 305%, down 34.29%, up 64.08% and up 18.29% respectively on the year-on-year basis.
For import enterprises, 31 enterprises handled wheat import in Jan. in China and import quantity of top 5 enterprises accounted for 87.68% of total import quantity. The top 5 enterprises were COFCO, Four Gardener, Xianmen Mingsui Grains&Oils Trading Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Nanyi Grains&Oils and Yihai, with import quantity of 421,000MT, 131,000MT, 44,000MT, 20,000MT and 19,500MT respectively, accounting for 58.08%, 18.04%, 6.10%, 2.78% and 2.68% respectively.

  45 enterprises handled corn import in Jan. in China and import quantity of top 5 enterprises accounted for 45.18% of total import quantity, less intensive than wheat import. The top 5 enterprises were Xiamen C&D Corporation, Shanghai Wilmar Commercial Trading Co., Ltd., Guangdong Junjie Agricultural Products Trading Company, Qingdao Rungu International Trading Company and Dalian Haida Guize Trading Company with import of 79,600MT, 63,600MT, 55,400MT, 49,400MT and 46,200MT respectively, accounting for 12.23%, 9.77%, 8.50%, 7.58% and 7.09% respectively. Import by COFCO registered 32,000MT, accounting for 4.92% and ranking 9th. 
  74 enterprises handled rice import in Jan. in China and import quantity of top 5 enterprises registered 73,700MT, accounting for only 36.90% of total import quantity. The top 5 enterprises were COFCO International (Beijing) Corporation, Shenzhen Longyangxing Logistics Company, Guangzhou Shenghaoyi Imp&Exp Company, Shenzhen Zhongtai Rice Co.,Ltd. and Shenzhen Youxian Grain Imp&Exp Co., Ltd..
  11 enterprises handled kaoliang import in Jan. In China. Shenzhen Four Gardener and Jianfa Raw Material Trading Company ranked top 2 with import quantity of 57,300MT and 50,500MT, accounting for 47.6% and 41.9% respectively.
  22 enterprises handled barley import in Jan. In China and import quantity of top five enterprises accounted for 73.7% of total import quantity. The top 5 enterprises were Jiangsu Nongken, Guangzhou Malt, Tsing Tao Brewery Co., Ltd., COFCO and Avic International Cereal&Oil Trading Shanghai Co., Ltd., with import quantity of 35,800MT, 13,100MT, 11,600MT, 5,498MT, 1,006MT and 1,006MT respectively, accounting for 36.02%, 13.15%, 11.64%, 7.55% and 5.34% respectively.
  As for grain manufactured products, exports of flour, corn starch and modified starch totaled 37,096MT, up 26.82% YOY and exports were 57,071MT. Specifically, exports of flour, starch and modified starch were 21,271MT, 8,837MT and 8,837MT respectively, up 116%, down 11.64% and down 23.11% respectively YOY.
  Grain manufactured products imports totaled 34,323MT in Jan, down 7.36% YOY and down 12.45% MOM, equal to 52,805MT raw grains. Specifically, imports of modified starch, flour and starch were 28,108MT, 5988MT and 228MT respectively.
  On the whole, grain exports were 81,000MT in Jan., down 3.65% YOY. Grain imports were 1.729 million MT in Jan., up 63.29% YOY.
In Jan., kaoliang imports registered 120,400MT, 114,900MT was from America and 5,800MT from Australia.

From “China Grains Market Weekly Report


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