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Coffee Import by Country and Province in February

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The import of coffee with theine and without roasting was 1747 tons in February 2013, down 60.37% from the previous month; valuing 4139,000 US dollars, down 62.56% from the previous month; the average CIF price was 2,369 US dollars/ton, down 5.52% from the previous month. From January to February in 2013, the total import of coffee with theine and without roasting stood at 6,156 tons, up 24.62% year on year; the import volume registered 15,194,000 US dollars, up 37.00% year on year.

The import origin of coffee with theine and without roasting was mainly Vietnam in February 2013, recording 1174 tons, accounting for 67% of the total import by China; Indonesia and Brazil took the 2nd to the 3rd rank and their aggregate was 510 tons, 29% in the total.

Yunnan was surpassing Guangdong to rank first in importing in February, recording 1500 tons, accounting for 85.85% of the national import. From January to February 2013, Guangdong imported 2898 tons of coffee of this kind, accounting for 47.08% of the national total import.

From “China Soft Drink Market Monthly Report

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