China Soft Drink Market Monthly Report

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China Soft Drink Market Monthly Report

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Brief Introduction:

It is an up-to-date report mainly focusing on the latest soft drink monthly market news, policies, and enterprises info, monthly prices of drink products and price trend. At the end of every month, the import and export date for all kind of drink will be supplied.

Table of Contents:

Market Issues: It covers dynamic issues related to policies, technologies, development, trade, hot issues, etc in the field of soft drink industry and its correlated industry.
Analysis & Forecast: It makes a systemic analysis on production, distribution, situations of major producing companies and prices in local markets. Also it analyses deeply on the development of soft drink market by regions and varieties in order to forecast the future industry.
Import and Export Trade: It contains a precise and timely export and import information including soft drink ingredients, juices and syrup by countries and enterprises. 
New Products: It covers a timely information on new products and technologies at home and abroad.
Monthly Insight on Key Enterprises: It provides a precise and timely development information on domestic key soft drink enterprises.
BOABC Insights
1 Analysis of the Beverage Industrial Production
1.1 The Beverage Production Growth is Less than 1% YoY and the Growth Might Increase in the Second Half of this Year
1.2 More than Half of the 20 Top Beverage Enterprises’ Production Dropped
2 Analysis on the Beverage Market
2.1 The Overall Supermarket Channel for the Main Sub Categories of Beverages Dropped
2.2 Analysis on the Changes of the Competition Pattern in the Beverage Market (Supermarket Channel, Measured by Sales amount)
2.2.1 In packed water market, the market shares of two leading brands, Nongfu Spring and Cestbon, further increased
2.2.2 In the tea beverage market, Chinese herbal tea enterprises lost significant market shares
2.2.3 In the fruit juice beverage market, Huiyuan room temperature juice lost market shares while the market shares of Weichuan low temperature juice increased significantly
2.3 Analysis on the New Products in the Beverage Market
2.4 Analysis on the Beverage Market to Children
3 Trade Analysis of Juice
3.1 Thanks to the increase in apple juice export, the strong recovery in juice export was found; the apple juice export price continued to drop and enterprises’ profit margin reduced
3.1.1 As a recovery increase, a sharp increase in Juice export was found in the first half of this year
3.1.2 The increased volume in juice export main came from apple juice
3.1.3 A strong recovery increase in the apple juice export to America
3.1.4 The apple juice export price dropped constantly from 2013
3.1.5 Apple juice export enterprises are highly concentrated and the top 5 occupied 70% of the total export volume
4 Beverage Enterprises’ Development Status
4.1 CocaCola’s sales in the second quarter dropped by 10% in China but still optimistic about the long-term growth potential and continued the investment expansion
4.1.1 The Grim situation in China’s beverage market encumbered CocaCola’s global performance
4.1.2 To adjust strategies in China and increase the development of high-end products
4.1.3 Being optimistic about the beverage consumption potential in China, CocaCola continued the investment expansion The main products of the new Swire CocaCola Beverages (Fuzhou) are water and soda water. COFCO CocaCola Planned to Set up A New Factory in Yuzhong Park, Lanzhou Hi-tech Zone
4.2 Reignwood Group’s Layout in Four Large Markets
4.3 The Transformation of Hengtong Juice Group
4.3.1 Clear juice production transformed to turbid juice production
4.3.2 To make greater efforts in the production and sales of terminal products
4.4 Haisheng to Jointly Set up a Fruit Wine Project with an International Fruit Wine Giant in Dangshan, Anhui with RMB 550 million
4.5 The Growth of the Chinese Herbal Tea Market Slowed Down and Wong Lo Kat Would Diversification Its Single Product
4.6 As the Revenue from Children’s Milk Declined, Wantwant Entered the Functional Beverage Market to Exploit New Growth Points
4.7 LeEco Was Inclined to Import Drinking Water From Lake Baikal From Russia and Sell in China
5 Important Meetings
5.1 CBIA Will Hold “China Juice Industry Summit 2016” In Suzhou on Sep.12th
5.2 CBIA Will Hold “China Protein Beverage Industry Summit 2016” In Suzhou on Sep.13th


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