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Fruit & Vegetable Import in March

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2013-05-07 10:56:13China Agriculture Report Print In Mar., China imported 898,561 tons of edible vegetable and certain roots and tubers, up 16.57% MOM, up 1.37% YOY, costing $ 251.21 million of foreign exchange, up 12.23% MOM, up 0.18% YOY.
In Mar., China imported 254,233 tons of edible fruit and nuts, up 22.36% MOM, down 32.13% YOY, and cost $ 293.63 million of foreign exchange, up 2.78% MOM, down 6.40% YOY.
In Mar., China imported 37,482 tons of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and other edible parts of plants, up 80.98% MOM, down 7.63%YOY; costing $ 53.69 million of foreign exchange, up 76.22% MOM, up 4.24% YOY.

From “China Fruit &Vegetable Market Monthly Report
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