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The Export of Chinese Vegetables in 2012 Dropped

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2013-02-04 10:49:35China Agriculture Report Print     In 2012, the exported volume of Chinese vegetables dropped. The total exported volume was 7.17 million tons, down by 5.1% from last year. The average export price was $965, down by 16.46%. The total exported value amounted to $6.9, down by 20.72%.
    Chinese vegetables are mainly exported to East Asia and South East Asia regions. In 2012, the top countries that China exported vegetables to are Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia. The total exported volume to those five countries amounted to 3.58 million tons, accounting for 49.89% of the total exports. 
    The major reason for exported volume reduction was the low prices, lower added value and the timing for vegetables entering the market. The exported vegetables are mainly coarsely processed products and the varieties are few. The dried vegetables, vegetable products and vegetable drinks, the value of which is higher, only account for a small percentage. 
    Since 2012, the cost of fertilizer, pesticide, film and seeds have increased significantly, leading to large reduction in profit. The appreciation of Chinese yuan currency against US Dollars further shrank the profit of vegetables export companies. Without price advantage, a number of international orders which was taken by China now shifted to South East Asian countries where the cost of growing vegetables is lower.
    In order to improve the current situation of exported volume reduction and price drop, companies should further adjust the product and market structure to focus on deep processing and increase the added value of products as soon as possible. It is important to adjust down the high percentage of coarsely processed products and meanwhile to seek opportunities at Europe, U.S. and Middle East market.

From “China Fruit &Vegetable Market Monthly Report
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