Chinese Beef Cattle and Mutton Sheep Market Monitoring Weekly Report

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Keywords:Chinese Beef Cattle

Brief Introduction:

It is an up-to-date report mainly focusing on the latest beef cattle & mutton sheep market news, policies
and enterprises info, weekly prices .

Table of Contents:

[Industry Dynamic] (Enterprise projects, local policies, import and export news) 3
[Industry Highlights]                                                                                                4
China’s Sheep and Goat Meat Import Quantity and Price Increased in 2011      4
China's Forage Feed Import Quantity and Price Increase in 2011                           5
[Price Details of Beef Cattle and Sheep]                                                                  6
Beef Cattle Market in This Week                                                                            6
National average wholesale price of beef cattle, yellow cattle, buffalo, feeder cattle, shelf cattle, cows, calves on 2012-02-03 (Southwest, Northeast, North China)                                                                6
Beef and Cattle By-products Wholesale Price Trend in 2011-2012                      10
Mutton Sheep Market in This Week                                                                     14
The national average wholesale price of mutton sheep, goats, she-goats, wethers and lamp on 2012-02-03 (Southwest, North China)                                                                                                          14
Mutton and Sheep By-products Wholesale Price Trend in 2011-2012                17
[Feed Price Details]  (Corn, soybean meal, DDGS, cottonseed meal)                   21
[China’s Beef Cattle and Sheep Cost-Income Analysis] (Update data in the fourth week every month) 23
Cost and Income of China’s Beef Cattle in 2011                                                 23
China’s Sheep Cost and Income in 2011                                                             25
[China’s Cattle and Sheep Import Trade] (Update data in the fourth week every month)       26
Imports of Cattle and Sheep in December 2011                                                                           26
[China’s Forage Feed Import Trade] (Update data in the fourth week every month)               32
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