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Changes of Soybean Imports from Different Countries in 2012

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2013-01-30 11:15:07China Agriculture Report Print China’s soybean imports hit a record high of 58.38 million MT in 2012, an increase of 11.2% on the year-on-year basis. Considering the nation’s robust vegoil demand, soybean imports may exceed 60 million MT in 2013.
Of last year’s total imports, 25.971 million MT came from the USA, 23.891 million MT from Brazil, 5.896 million MT from Argentina and 2.625 million MT from others, up 16.6%, up 15.9%, down 24.2% but up 44% respectively on the year-on-year basis.
Imports of Brazilian soybeans are expected to increase in 2013, since they are cheaper than US soybeans.
Considering soybean acreage expansion in Argentina, Uruguay, Canada and Russia, China’s soybean imports from these countries are presumed to go up this year.


From “China Oil and Oilseeds Market Weekly Report”

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