Changes in Prices in Vegetable Oil and Protein Meal in January

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Brief Introduction:

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(1) Vegitable oil prices went up

Soybean oil prices up to 8,711 RMB/MT from 8,612 RMB/MT; palm oil prices down to 7,212 RMB/MT from 7,400 RMB/MT; rapeseed oil prices up to 10,760 RMB/MT from 10,480 RMB/MT; cottonseed oil prices remained at 5,428 RMB/MT; peanut oil price remained at 19,564 RMB/MT from 19,200 RMB/MT.

(2) Both prices of Soybean meal and rapeseed meal Increased sharply

In January, soybean meal prices up to 3,875 RMB/MT from 3,347 RMB/MT; the meal extracted from imports rapeseed prices up to 2,733 RMB/MT from 2,600 RMB/MT.

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