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In January 2021,average hog price is 35.53 yuan/kg nationwide, increasing by 5.46% month on month; piglet price is 86.77 yuan/kg, increasing by 6.64% month on month. In this month, the profit of feeding self-produced pigs and outsourcing pigs respectively is 2,397 yuan/head and 1,383 yuan/head.
As the frequency of African swine fever outbreaks rose up recently, it’s predicted that the phenomenon of selling hogs in large quantities will increase in February, leading to a growth in hog supply. In addition, the preparation of pork products for the Spring Festival is drawing to a close in early February, and consumer demand will decline after the holiday in late February. Driven by increased supply and decreased demand, the national average price of hogs is very likely to drop.
It’s predicted hog prices will mainly move down in South China, and those in North China will decline slowly in February 2021. On the whole, the national prices will range between 30yuan/kg and 33yuan/kg in the month.

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