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The Average Margin Of Starch Processing Enterprises Was Slightly Lower than Last Month, and the Operating Rate Has Dropped

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Due to the traffic interruption in parts of Northeast and North China affected by the epidemic, the operating rate of starch companies has fallen, and the corn cost has risen sharply. The price of corn starch in Northeast, North China, and Huanghuai production areas has continued to rise sharply since last month. In January, the average price of corn starch in the production and sales areas was 3,650 yuan/ton, with a 9.9% MoM increase of 330 yuan/ton.
The quote from the Northeast was 3,390 RMB/ton on average, the quote from North China and the Yellow-Huaihe River Region was 3,590 RMB/ton, and the price in consuming regions was 3,750 RMB/ton on average, up 315 RMB/ton or 10.2%, up 300 RMB/ton or 9.1%, and up 345 RMB/ton or 10.1% from previous month.

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