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China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2014-12-01 09:22:49China Agriculture Report Print
In October 2014, the import quantity of rapeseed increased year on year basics, but soybean, rapeseed oil and palm oil declined year on year basics; the export quantity of shelled peanut increased year on year basics.
In October, China imported 4.102 million tons soybeans, and 95,892 tons soybean oil, the former declined by 2.0% YOY, and the latter declined by 3.8%. In Jan. – October China totally imported 56.846 million tons soybean and 1,084,466 tons soybean oil and respectively increased by 13.8% and 21.5%.
In October, China imported 187,070 tons rapeseed, and 60,716 tons rapeseed oil, and respectively up by 153.9%, down by 27.2% YOY; in Jan. – Oct. China totally imported rapeseed 4,093,358 tons , and rapeseed oil 696,940 tons, and respectively up by 57.6% , down by 48.2% YOY.
In October, China imported palm oil 305,000 tons, decreased by 26.4% YOY; in Jan. – October, China totally imported 4,241 million tons, down by 10.9% YOY.
In October, China exported shelled peanut 4,837 tons, up by 3.0% YOY; in Jan. – October, China totally exported 84,394 tons, up by15.4% YOY.

From “China Oil and Oilseeds Market Weekly Report”
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