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Meihua Group’s First-Phase Corn Further Processing Project in Baicheng of Jilin Would Put into Operation in October2018-04-17
Thanks to Companies’ More Willingness to Participate in Auction, the Trading Rate of Corn Auctioned Reached up to 89% 2018-04-17
Salt Lake Potash Unveiled New Price Policies in April2018-04-10
India Released Subsidy Budgets for Fertilizer in 2018/19, around 11 Billion US Dollars 2018-04-10
Guangdong Yihao Food invests 500 million yuan in building layer project with inventory of 2 million native layers2018-04-10
An outbreak of H7N9 in poultry in Hongdong County, Linfen City, Shanxi Province2018-04-10
First-stage Project of Ten Million Layers Industrial Park Project in Shayang county Hubei province Officially Goes into 2018-04-09
The Standardization Administration decided to solicit public opinion on three national projects like “Cold Chain Circu2018-04-09
An Outbreak of H7N9 in Poultry Was Reported in Wangyi District, Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province2018-04-09
Zhongding Farming Russian Dairy Farm Shall be Built from June2018-04-08
Bright Dairy Sets up New Plant in Wuhan, Annual Production Capacity 360,000 tons and Operation Start from 20192018-04-08
Fuyou Cooperates and Shengmu Joint Venture Dairy Processing Project to Be Put Into Operation in June2018-04-08
Company News2018-04-08
Forestry Resources and Policies News2018-04-08
2018 Haid’s Feed Sales Would Reach 10 Million MT2018-04-08
The VAT Rate for Agricultural Products Would Go Down to 10% from 11% 2018-04-08
The Day of March 21 is Set up as “Soil-Friendly Planting Day” Throughout the Country in Order to Improve Planting Id2018-03-30
The Ministry of Agriculture Released Documents that Strengthen Fertilizer Registration2018-03-30
Sales volume of parental chicks of Yisheng will increase steadily in 20182018-03-30
Huaying Agriculture participated in the investment of 2 billion agriculture-related funds2018-03-30
CP’s Feed Sales in China Reached 6.91 Million MT, up 14% Year on Year 2018-03-22
Along with Companies’ Less Willingness to Participate in Bidding, the Transaction Rate of Corn Auction was 38.5%2018-03-22
Along with the Continuing of Supervisions from Environmental Protection Departments, Some Chemical Products Would be Inf2018-03-16
Sierte Announced it Planned to Acquire Some Stocks of Anhui Qiangying Duck with 1.2-1.5 Billion RMB2018-03-16
China Has Terminated the Dumping Duty and Countervailing Duty on Imported White Broiler Products Originating from the Un2018-03-16
Feed Material Prices Showed the Decreasing Trend, Which Would Relieve the Pressure from Farming Costs2018-04-17
Thanks to Obvious Price Advantage of Temporarily-stored Corn, the Trading Rate Reached up to 89% 2018-04-17
Recovering Fertilizer Industry and Improved Operating Management Made Xinyangfeng’s Operating Revenues Ascend Greatly 2018-04-10
Why Did Potash Price of Salt Lake Industry Ascend Apparently but Descend Actually in April? 2018-04-10
Layer farming enterprise Shanxi Jin Long Company Limited officially was listed on the New Three Board, and the prospect 2018-04-10
China imposes an additional 25% tariff on US soybean, which or will lead to about 3.5% increase in hog production costs.2018-04-10
The levy of environmental taxes on large-scale poultry farms will directly increase the cost of farming2018-04-09
Dairy Production totaled 4.3 Million Tons during First Two Months, up 8% YoY2018-04-08
China's Radiata Pine Imports Increased 21.3% and Reached 18.52 Million Cubic Meters in 20172018-04-08
Performance of 25 A-share(H-share) Listed Forestry Companies Was Outstanding, Chenming’s Revenue Reached RMB 29.85 Bil2018-04-08
China-U.S. Soybean Trade War Would Make a Turnaround for Demand of Rapeseed Meal 2018-04-08
Owing to a Rapid Increase in Capacity, Corn Further Processing Sector Would Face Increasing Pressure from Overcapacity2018-04-08
Along with Increasing Pressure from Environmental Protection, Fertilizer Capacity and Output Would Continue to Go Down2018-03-30
After the Implementation of State Institutional Reform, What Changes Would Happen to Supervisions on Fertilizer Industry2018-03-30
Chinese chicken import and export trade characteristics2018-03-30
An increase of 25% tariff on imports of pork from the United States will not impact China's hog market2018-03-30
Compared to 2017, The Subsidies to Corn Processing Companies in Jilin and Heilongjiang Weakened 2018-03-22
Extending to the Upstream and Downstream of Fertilizer Industry and Acquiring Horizontally Become the Main Directions fo2018-03-16
Owing to an Oversupply, Urea Prices Dropped this Week2018-03-16
News Briefs2018-03-16
Weather Forecast(March 15-21, 2018)2018-03-16
After the Spring Festival, the Slaughter of White Broiler Decreased, the Price of Live Broiler Rebounded Slightly2018-03-16
The operation rate of slaughterhouses was decreasing before Spring Festival, the price of white broilers moved down2018-03-16
Large Domestic Capitals Continued to Enter Fruit New Retail2018-03-09
What Caused Banana Prices to Rise Sharply in 2017/20182018-03-09
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