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Shanxi Kangfu Farming Company invested 100 million yuan in building a 500,000-layer project2018-08-15
Double-dove Group Co. has been listed on the new three board, with hog farming as main business2018-08-15
New Hope Group plans to expand central kitchen business through acquisition or hosting2018-08-15
Muyuan has started the construction of phase two project of hog farming base in Aohan Banner 2018-08-09
Truein plans to purchase 51.62% shares of Fenghua Breeding Share Co., Ltd. and Ruxing Investment2018-08-09
Zhengbang Group and PICC P&C signed strategic cooperation contract to promote customized commercial pig insurance2018-08-09
Bright Dairy Room-temperature Business Drags down its Revenue2018-08-09
Renews Brand, Upgrades Capacity, Enhances Quality Control, Innovates Channels, Promotion at Retail Market and Effort Overseas, Mengniu Devotes Efforts from All Aspects2018-08-09
Bayer CropScience China Would Step into Agricultural Material E-Business2018-08-08
Anhui Fertilizer E-Tracking Service Platform was Officially Online2018-08-08
Trading Volume of Corn Auction Increased Slightly, and Average Trading Prices Stabilized Relatively2018-08-01
A Drop in Piglet Feed Sales Led to a Fall of 10% of Net Profits of Dabeinong’s Pig Feed in the First Half of 2018 2018-08-01
Qingxin District will build Qingyuan chicken modern agricultural industrial park2018-08-01
Zhengbang Group and PICC P&C signed strategic cooperation contract to promote customized commercial pig insurance2018-08-01
Wens has finished 90% of the integrated farming project of 400,000 hogs in Yangcheng2018-08-01
Heilongjiang Released Three-Year Auction Plan of Prevention and Treatment on Agricultural Non-point Pollution of Agricultural Systems (2018-2020) 2018-07-25
Addison’s New Product Appreciation Meeting (Dealer Conference) was Held, Which Initiates the Partner Model of Agricultural Material Industry2018-07-25
Trading Rate of Corn Auction Improved Slightly, and Average Trading Prices Declined Slightly 2018-07-18
The Second-Phase Project of Muyuan’s Hog Farming Base in Aohanqi, Inner Mongolia Started Construction 2018-07-18
The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas lifted the ban on avian influenza in Germany2018-07-18
China has signed chicken trade agreement with Poland2018-07-18
Muyuan has started the construction of phase two project of hog farming base in Aohan Banner 2018-07-18
China Reduces Customs Tariff on Some Countries in Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement, Tariff on Soybean Import to Zero, no Change to Sugar Import2018-07-11
Guitang Share to Set up Sub Company with 1 Billion Yuan2018-07-11
China May Import More Sugar from India2018-07-11
China's sorghum consumption, inventory and safety factor (April 2018)2018-08-15
Rice imports continue to remain high and domestic inventory continuously grow2018-08-15
The inventory of parental breeders decreased, farmers’ enthusiasm on restocking has increased, and the price of broiler chicks remained at a high level2018-08-15
What development will smart pig farming achieve in China’s pig industry?2018-08-15
Sino-US trade war will make the total tariff of US pork exports to China as high as 88%2018-08-09
In the first half of the year, pig prices fell sharply, and most farms suffered losses in hog business2018-08-09
Pork production increased by 1.4% at the first half of 2018, and hog supply will be relatively sufficient throughout the year. 2018-08-09
Yogurt consumption to hit 6 million tons in China in 20182018-08-09
Dairy Consumption and Packaging Trend2018-08-09
China Raw Milk Production Expands 1% in First Half of 20182018-08-09
Soybean Imports in June Increased 13% YoY, Vegetable Oil Grew 35% YoY2018-08-08
Sunrise Group, a Major Financing Soybean Importer Went Bankrupt2018-08-08
Overall Quality of New Season Rapeseed of 2018 Is Better than That of Last Year, Jiangxi and Sichuan Are Outstanding2018-08-08
Chinese and American Governments Finding Ways for Agricultural Products Due to Trade War2018-08-08
Owing to Advance Payment Behind in Payment, The Operating Rate of NPK Companies was Relatively Low2018-08-08
An Increase in Fertilizer Prices Pushes up Grain Costs and Cuts Down the Profits 2018-08-08
Compound Feed Prices Dropped,Costs Went up, and Margins Shrank Slightly2018-08-01
Soybean Meal Prices Went up Slightly, and Rapeseed Meal and Cottonseed Meal Prices Stabilized2018-08-01
After a Ban on Antibiotics, Feed and Farming Sectors Would Face Great Challenges 2018-08-01
Chinese companies have suspended importing GP breeders from Poland, which has little impact on the domestic breeder market2018-08-01
Hog slaughter increased in the first half of 2018, while hog inventory declined to varying degrees.2018-08-01
Composite price2018-07-25
Analysis of agricultural meteorology by regions2018-07-25
Along with the Weakening of Feel-Good Policies, 2018 China’s Fertilizer Exports Would Go Down2018-07-25
Due to the Delay of Sighing Big Potash Contracts, Potash Prices Possibly Would Go Up2018-07-25
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