Layer rearing in China is dominated by small and medium-sized farms.

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Layer rearing in China is dominated by small and medium-sized farms. Of the total stock of layers in the country, farms with less than 50,000 layers accounted for 62.40%, while those with 10,000-50,000 layers took up 35.18%.
There are more than 200,000 farms whose average scale is about 8,000 birds each farm. It’s predicted their size will expand to over 10,000 layers by 2025.
In terms of the proportion of large scale farms with over 500,000 layers in the national stock, it registered 13.75% in 2020, a rise of 9.8% compared with that in 2015, and is predicted to increase to 15.3% by 2025. The concentration ratio of China’s top 10 layer enterprises was only 5.51% in 2020, up 0.31% from 2019, and the top 3 companies Deqingyuan Agricultural Technology Co, Ltd., Sun Daily Farm and CP Group aggregately made up 3.5%, much higher than that of other companies. 
It’s the critical period for the upgrading and transformation of China’s layer industry. Affected by brand, management, food safety, cost and other factors, large scale farm will see larger growth, while some small and medium-size family farms will withdraw from the market. 

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