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  • At present, Guangxi has fir forest area of 22.557 million mu with a storage volume of 12.9229 million cubic meters, accounting for 20.5% and 37.4% of the total plantation area and total storage volume of the man-made forest in the whole region respectively. It is an important quick-growing coniferous timber species for building the core base of national timber strategic reserve in Guangxi.
  • In the first 10 months of this year, the wood product exports of Linyi, Shandong Province, totaled 9.512 billion yuan, up 8.04% year on year, including 890 million yuan for wooden furniture, up 65.13% year on year.
  • As of November 10, timber imports at the Tongjiang Port on the China-Russia border reached 298,400 cubic meters, up 60% year on year.

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