The Price and Cost of Compound Feed are on the Rise, and Theoretically, the Gross Profit Has Remained at a Loss

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The prices of compound feed for fattening pigs, broilers and layers averaged at RMB 3,500/MT, 3,530/MT, and RMB 3,210/MT, up RMB 40/MT, 20/MT and 20/MT from last week.
This week, in the consumption areas, both corn prices and the prices of protein feed such as soybean meal increased greatly. Feed costs for growing-finishing pigs, broilers and layers averaged at RMB 3,552/MT, 3,708/MT and 3,327/MT, up RMB 141/MT, 181/MT and 142/MT compared to last week, separately.
The gross margins of compound feeds for growing-finishing pig, broiler and layer were RMB -91/MT, -198/MT and -137/MT, down RMB 91/MT, RMB 131/MT and RMB 92/MT respectively, and gross margin rates were -2.7%, -5.7% and -4.3% separately, down 2.6 percentage points, 3.7 percentage points and 2.9 percentage points from last week.
In the prediction, the ex-factory price of feed will increase significantly in the future.

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