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Overview of soyoil and soymeal price in China during last week

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2012-07-18 15:36:40China Agriculture Report Print

The producer’s price of Grade One soyoil was RMB9,800/MT in Harbin and RMB9,650/MT in Jiangsu on July 16, the former parallel to the week before but the latter up RMB150/MT over the week before.

Grade Four soyoil price gained RMB100/MT in Shandong, RMB200/MT in Jiangsu, RMB30/MT in Dalian and RMB250/MT in Guangdong on July 16 over the week before, reaching a level of RMB9,500/MT, RMB9,500/MT, RMB9,480/MT and RMB9,500/MT respectively.

Except a flat price of RMB3,600/MT in Harbin, soymeal price moved up RMB150/MT in Dalian, RMB130/MT in Qinhuangdao, RMB100/MT in Shandong, RMB230/MT in Jiangsu and RMB150/MT in Guangdong on July 16 over the week before, reaching RMB3,750/MT, RMB3,850/MT, RMB3,900/MT, RMB4,030/MT and RMB4,050/MT respectively.

Crushers realized a profit of RMB90/MT from processing imported soybeans and RMB390/MT from processing domestic soybeans last week.

From "China Oil and Oilseeds Market Weekly Report"


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