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Liao Ning Agricultural Industrialization & Agro-processing Industry Summit 2011

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2012-07-26 13:45:26China Agriculture Report Print With Chinese agriculture stepping to a new era, Liaoning Province, a wealthy land is showing new vitality and contributing new opportunities to people committed to developing Chinese agriculture. On the solid foundation of agriculture and with the policy on supporting agro-processing strengthening, large agricultural enterprises and funds are becoming enthusiastic with investing Liaoning that promotes a number of important agro-processing projects starting in the land. So are you getting ready to join to explore in Liaoning?

Liaoning Agricultural Industrialization & Agro-processing Industry Summit, with the theme of “Agricultural Industrialization: The Only Way Leading China to the World” is organized by The People's Government of Liaoning Province and will be held in Liaoning Mansion, the City of Shenyang. The summit is co-organized by New Hope Group, Hosen Capital and Huishan Dairy and hosted by Liaoning Agricultural Industrialization Office and BOABC﹒International Agribusiness Club. Distinguish guests represented by Chen Zhenggao, the Governor of Liaoning Province, Zhao Huaming, Deputy Governor of Liaoning Province and Liu Yonghao, President of New Hope Group will attend.

Meanwhile, representatives from reputable agricultural enterprises and investment institutes will get together to discuss on the opportunities for Chinese agriculture in a new era, the path to agricultural industrialization, the role and functions of leading enterprises and how to promote agro-corporations’ growth by capitals, etc. to help Chinese agricultural enterprises step to the world.

Organizer:         The People's Government of the Liaoning Province
Co-organizers: New Hope Group, Hosen Capital, Huishan Dairy
Host:                  Liaoning Agricultural Industrialization Office
                            BOABC﹒International Agribusiness Club

This summit will invite leadership from state ministries and top experts in research centers, and the leaders from Liaoning government represented by the governor. Also, representatives from famous domestic corporations such as New Hope Group, COFCO, Chinatex , Yurun and Liuhe etc. as well as reputable multinationals such as ADM, Bunge Group, Mitsui, Noble Group, Tyson Foods Inc and Chia Tai Group etc. will participate the summit. Meanwhile, certain excellent local enterprises represented by Huishan Dairy and Sinopaddy will attend too.

1. Official Representatives

(1) Leaders in the People's Government of Liaoning Province
      Chen Zhenggao, Governor of Liao Ning Province
      Zhao Huaming, Deputy Governor of Liao Ning Province
(2) Leaders from State Ministries and Top Experts
      Xu Xiaoqing, Director of Rural Economic Research, Development Research Center of the National State Council
      Fang Yan, Deputy Director, Department of Rural Economy, NDRC
      Huang Liangui, Deputy Director, Agriculture Industrialization Office, Ministry of Agriculture
(3) Liaoning Agricultural Industrialization Office and Leaders from Related Governments of Counties

2. Representatives from Enterprises

(1) Domestic Representatives
      Liu Yonghao, Chairman of New Hope Group
      Li Anmin, President of Huishan Dairy
      Zhang Xiaocheng, Executive President of Liuhe Group

Representatives from about 30 domestic enterprises in the list of top 500, including COFCO, Shuanghui Group, Yili, Yurun, Tongwei Enterprise Group, Beijing Er Shang Group, Beidahuang Group, Bright Dairy, Wahaha, Chinatex, the Group of 93, Guangdong Wens Group, Shenzhen Agricultural Products, Beijing Xinfadi, Fosun Group, etc.

(2) Foreign Representatives
Representatives from about 20 enterprises in the list of Global 500 Corporations, including ADM, Bunge Group, Noble Group, Nipphon Ham, Mitsui, Marubeni, Tyson Foods Inc., Chia Tai Group, Nestlé, Itochu corporation, Hormel, Noble Group, Monsanto, Yihai Kerry, Kubota and Sojitz, etc.

3) Liaoning Representatives

Representatives from about 10 enterprises in Liaoning Province including LiaoNing Sinopaddy Co. 

3. Funds

(1) Domestic Funds
Hosen Capital, COFCO Agriculture Fund, Hony Capital, Legend Holdings, Fortune VC, Cowin Capital, FountainVest Partners, CID Group, Beijing Agriculture Fund, CICC and Citic PE, etc.

(2) Foreign Funds
SAIF Partners, Credit Swisse, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Rabo Bank, Deutsche Bank, Olympus Capital,Clarity, Development Principles Group,Carlyle Asia Partners, Sequoia Capital, KPCB China, Diamond Wealth, Balloch Group, National Australia Bank and Nomura etc.


Introduce the trend and policy of Chinese agricultural industrialization
Discuss on the leading enterprises’ role and functions in Chinese agricultural industrialization
Promote excellent projects in Liaoning and build the platform for investment and financing
Build the platform for agricultural enterprises to exchange and share experience

Theme & Topics

Agricultural Industrialization: The Only Way Leading China to the World


After ABCD, Who Will Step to the World?
Open the Door for Agricultural Enterprises’ Financing
Leading Enterprises’ Role in Chinese Agricultural Industrialization


Presentations: Focusing on hot topics, invite professionals to give speeches.
Roundtable Discussion: Discuss and analyze the theme of the summit
Large Roundtable Seminar: Hosted by the Governor of Liaoning Province, getting together representatives from excellent enterprises to exchange experience and discuss on development strategies.
Exchange and communication: Arrange dinner banquets and tea breaks for attendants to communicate and search best cooperative partners.
Supporting services: To develop close relationship between enterprises and investment organizations, a name list of the investment organizations and enterprises participating the summit and information on projects will be provided with the summit proceeding.
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