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Report on Growth and Investment of China’s Dairy Industry(2017-2018)

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China’s Dairy Industry

Brief Introduction:

Relying on more than 20 years of accumulation of industry data, continuous tracking of industry changes and in-depth researches, BOABC will provide you with a valuable analysis report on the dairy industry and investment.

Basic Information:

BOABC is of the view that China’s dairy industry has gradually walked out of the transitional pain period to hopefully embrace another round of rapid growth. China’s dairy industry has shown the following key features in its growth in 2017: 1. The price level of domestic raw milk remains sluggish against the backdrop of surging price of dairy materials such as raw milk, milk powder, etc. in the international market, so the disadvantage in price has seen some improvement. From the latter half of 2014 to mid-2016, domestic as well as international raw milk price and dairy material price had seen a constant downfall. Since the latter half of 2016, price level of raw milk and dairy materials in the international market has rebounded. However, China’s raw milk price has remained sluggish till the end of the third quarter of 2017. Dairy farming has seen an even longer period of readjustments. This round of readjustments is conducive to the supply-demand equilibrium of domestic raw milk market over the long run and is conducive to the establishment of a mechanism for the evolution of a rational price level for raw milk. 2. The dairy market has seen more steady growth. Aside from increase in price and sales value, the sales quantity of dairy products has seen a rally, showing a sound growth trend. At the primary stage of the consumption of dairy products in China, the growth in sales of middle and higher range products can hardly offset the slide of sales of fundamental products. But with the progress of the upgrading of consumption, middle and higher range products will be more and more accepted by consumers and in turn the sales volume of dairy products will see solid growth once again. Regarding distribution channels, the rapid growth in convenient stores, e-commerce and etc. has played a considerable role in the increase in the sales volume of middle and top range dairy products. Regarding market development, the dairy enterprises have vigorously and continuously tackled township and rural markets so that township and rural markets have become a new pillar for the growth of the dairy market. 3. National and regional key dairy enterprises have seen rapid increase in revenues and further expansion of their market shares, as strongly supported by their edges in brands, renovation and distribution channels. Weaker enterprises have deteriorating operational status. Industrial integration has stepped up its pace. The Report on Growth and Investment of China’s Dairy Industry (2017-2018) by BOABC will help you: 1 access key data sets for industrial growth; 2 understand key factors impacting industrial growth; 3 keep abreast of the status of supply-demand and future trends; 4 keep abreast of status of growth of key enterprises; 5 keep abreast the situations of industrial competitions; 6 be forward-looking and able to have accurate prediction of the overall trend of industrial growth. The past two decades have seen BOABC’s dedication to industrial research and consultancy services for agricultural food and beverage industries. We are willing to join hands with you for our future successes!

Table of Contents:

1 Overview of Global Dairy Industry in 2017
1.1 Global Dairy Cattle Inventory, Milk Production and Price
1.2 Global Dairy Production and Consumption
1.3 Global Dairy Trade
1.4 Global Dairy Price
2 Key Dairy Exporting Countries to China
2.1 New Zealand
2.1.1 Dairy Cattle Inventory, Milk Production and Price
2.1.2 Dairy Production, Consumption and Export
2.1.3 Dairy Export to China
2.2 Australia
2.3 U.S.A
2.4 Germany
2.5 France
2.6 Holland
3 Policy Environment for Dairy Industry
3.1 National Development Plan for Dairy Industry (2016-2020)
3.2 Management Methods on Registration of Infant Formulas
3.3 MOA Five Actions on Prospering Dairy Farming Industry
3.4 Environmental Protection Policy on Animal Farming: Banned Zones and etc.
4 Milk Source Situation 
4.1 Overview
4.2 Dairy Cattle Inventory and Milk Production       
4.3 Size of Dairy Cattle Farming 
4.4 Key Animal Farming Enterprises in Various Places
4.5 Raw Milk Price (national, regional and key dairy farms)
4.6 Margin of Dairy Farming
5 Overview of Dairy Processing Industry
5.1 Development Stages
5.2 Size and Structure
5.3 Margin
5.4 Growing Potential
6 Production of Dairy Processing Industry
6.1 Dairy Production
6.1.1 Trend of Annual Production (total dairy production, liquid products and powder)
6.1.2 Trend of Monthly Production (total dairy production, liquid products and powder)
6.2 Regional Layout of Dairy Production
6.2.1 Liquid Products
(Including layout in 2017 and variations)
6.2.2 Powder
6.3 Structure of Dairy Production
7 Dairy Trade
7.1 Overview of Dairy Trade in 2017
7.2 Import of Liquid Milk
(Import quantity, value and price; origins; destinations and importing companies)
7.3 Import of SMP
7.4 Import of WMP
7.5 Import of Yogurt
7.6 Import o Whey Powder
7.7 Import of Butter
7.8 Import of Cheese
7.9 Dairy Export
7.10 Forecast on Dairy Trade in 2018
8 Dairy Consumption
8.1 Overview of Dairy Consumption
8.2 Elements That Affect Dairy Consumption
8.3 Dairy Consumption Structure
8.4 Pasteurized Milk Consumption 
(Market capacity, consumption features and trend)
8.5 UHT Milk Consumption
8.6 Milk Drink Consumption
8.7 Yogurt Consumption
8.8 Infant Formula Consumption   
9 Competition among Dairy Industry
9.1 Environment
9.2 Competition Pattern
9.3 Crucial Successful Factors
10 Listed Dairy Companies and Key Enterprises
10.1.1 Overview (status, revenue, capacity, production, product portfolio and market layout)
10.1.2 Operation (revenue, net profit, gross margin, net profit ratio, operational capability, debt-repaying ability and growing potential)
10.1.3 Primary Maneuvers in 2017
10.1.4 Outlook in 2018 
10.2 China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited
10.6 China Huishan Dairy Holdings Co., Ltd.
10.7 Lanzhou Zhuangyuan Pasture Co., Ltd.
10.8 Xinjiang Tianrun Dairy Co., Ltd.
10.9 Xinjiang Western Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd
10.10 Maiquer Group Co., Ltd.
10.11 Guangdong Yantang Dairy Co., Ltd.
10.12 Royal Group Co., Ltd.
10.13 Shanghai Ground Food Tech Co., Ltd.
10.14 Henan Kedi Dairy Co., Ltd.
10.15 Shijiazhuang Junlebao Dairy Co., Ltd.
10.16 New Hope Dairy
10.17 Chongqing Tianyou Dairy Co., Ltd.
10.18 Heilongjiang Wondersun Dairy Co., Ltd.
10.19 Heilongjiang Feihe Dairy Co., Ltd.
10.20 Shengyuan Nutritional Food Co.,Ltd
10.21 Beingmate Baby&Child Food Co.,Ltd.
10.22 Yashili International Holdings Ltd.
10.24 China Modern Dairy Holdings Ltd.
10.25 China Shengmu Organic Milk Limited
10.26 Inner Mongolia Saikexing Reproductive Biotechnology (Group) Co., Ltd
10.27 YuanShengTai Dairy Farm Limited
10.28 Zhong Ding United Dairy Farming Co., Ltd.
10.29 China ZhongDi Dairy Holdings Company Limited
11 Investment in Dairy Industry
11.1 Investment Projects in 2017
(including investors, model of investment, investment regions and sum)
11.2 Investment Opportunities
11.3 Investment Risks
1 Global Dairy Cattle Inventory and Layout
2 Global Milk Production and Layout
3 Global Raw Milk Price
4 Global Production of WMP, SMP, Butter and Cheese 
5 Global Trade of WMP, SMP, Butter and Cheese
6 New Zealand/Australia/U.S.A./Germany/France/Holland Dairy Cattle Inventory  
7 New Zealand/Australia/U.S.A./Germany/France/Holland Milk Production
8 New Zealand/Australia/U.S.A./Germany/France/Holland Milk Cost and Price
9 New Zealand/Australia/U.S.A./Germany/France/Holland Dairy Production
10 New Zealand/Australia/U.S.A./Germany/France/Holland Dairy Export
11 New Zealand/Australia/U.S.A./Germany/France/Holland Dairy Export to China
12 Dairy Cattle Inventory in China
13 Milk Production in China  
14 Average Raw Milk Price in Main Farming Regions 
15 Raw Milk Price in Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Henan, Shandong and Shaanxi
16 Reference Price for Raw Milk in Heilongjiang, Hebei and Shanghai
17 Raw Milk Price from Large/medium Dairy Farming Enterprises
18 Raw Milk Cost for Large/medium Dairy Farming Enterprises
19 Number of Dairy Processing Companies above a Certain Scale, Their Asset, Sales and Total Profit
20 Yearly Trend of Sales Revenue of Dairy Industry in China
21 Yearly Trend of Production of Dairy/Liquid Products/Powder in China
22 Monthly Trend of Production of Liquid Dairy/Powder in China
23 Regional Layout of Production of Liquid Dairy/Powder
24 Structure of Dairy Production  
25 Yearly Trend of Dairy Import Quantity and Value
26 Structure of Dairy Import
27 Yearly Trend of Import Quantity, Value and Price of Liquid milk/SMP/WMP/Yogurt/Whey Powder/Butter/Cheese
28 Import Origins
29 Destinations of Imported Products
30 Importing Companies
31 Yearly Trend of Dairy Export Quantity and Value
32 Structure of Dairy Export
33 Total Asset and Asset-liability Ratio of Listed Dairy Companies and Key Enterprises
34 Turnover and Net Profit of Listed Dairy Companies and Key Enterprises
35 Gross Margin and Net Profit Ratio of Listed Dairy Companies and Key Enterprises
36 Changes of Key Indicators for Operational Capability of Listed Dairy Companies and Key Enterprises
37 Changes of Key Solvency Indicators of Listed Dairy Companies and Key Enterprises
38 Changes of Key Profitability Indicators of Listed Dairy Companies and Key Enterprises
39 Changes of Key Indicators for Growth Ability of Listed Dairy Companies and Key Enterprises
40 List of Investments in Dairy Industry in China in 2017
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